Basic Instructions for Gate Keepers at SCA Ltd Events

  1. Be calm.
  2. Be friendly.
  3. Know your responsibilities.
  4. Know your limitations.
  5. Know where the Autocrat can be found (or other official).
  6. Do not leave the money unattended.

Be prepared

If you have volunteered to take the money at an event, arrive promptly at the time you have agreed (or even a little early) with whatever you require to be comfortable, eg bottle of water, sun hat, nibbles. Take what you need during your shift, do not assume it will be provided.

Try not do it alone

Even for small events, it is useful to have a companion at the table. Going to the ladies or gentlemens with the cash tin in hand is not unknown but that can lead to impatient queues at the table. Ensure that your companion can perform your tasks, is willing to do so and is acceptable to the autocrat (or your team leader). For example, they need to be over 18 years of age to sign a receipt.

Sharing a table with the Constable can be convenient for both you and the attendees. DO NOT assume that the Constable can, or is willing to do your work in addition to their own. In an emergency, they may be willing to watch a locked cash tin while you make that dash to the privies but even then, ask politely!

Please note when looking for help - as group Reeves are now required to sign off on the gate sign-in forms for cash received, they are NOT permitted to handle gate takings cash themselves and so can't act as gate staff.

Know the entry fees

A copy of the event advertisement is useful on the table so that the attendee can read it for themselves. If you can not get one, ask the Autocrat and write down the entry fees and any categories such as “Children under 5 are free”.

Refer questions to the Autocrat

Unless you are the Autocrat, you are unlikely to have been given any decision making capability, for example to give discounts. Always refer such questions to the Autocrat or other designated official.

Errors can be made and sometimes there are differences when there are odd amounts and the change given might not have been correct. Record the actual amount in the cash box on the tally sheet (and sign it). If an error is found, report it as soon as it is noticed.

Arriving and leaving

If you are to be there at the start of the event, when you arrive, look around and see if you need to hunt up a chair, pen and paper etc. If you have been given money for change, count it, write it down and sign it.

cash_float_sheet.pdf - This form is useful for keeping track of cash at a Troll gate.

If you are arriving or leaving the table and handing the cash box over or receiving it, count the money, write it down, both check it and both sign it. The few minutes it takes will not cause too much delay and it is so worthwhile.

Write it down

When you are given money, write down the details the autocrat will need later. An orderly list of details on a sheet of paper (a tally sheet) will be well received if you can not fit all details on the sign in sheet. If you are asked for a receipt, please use mundane names. Please write down every name not just “Peter + 3”

The minimum at an SCA event in Australia where the entry is not free, you need to record:

  • the person’s mundane name;
  • if they are a member;
  • if they are an adult; and
  • the amount paid.

This allows you to add up the money and match the total on the tally sheet. When you hand it over to the reeve or other authorised person, they can easily check the money against the list. Please then sign the bottom of the tally sheet and ask the person receiving the money to do the same. If arrangements have been made by the Autocrat to remove money from the cash box during your shift, write down the amount and time, and both sign it. The more details you provide, the easier it is for the event reports to be prepared.

Your job is done, thank you very much for your assistance.

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