As per the announcement on the Lochac email list dated 22-10-2018:

Greetings to the most fortunate taxpayers of Lochac,

At Spring War just past, Kinggiyadai Khagan & Altani Khaligu Yeke Khatun announced the following changes to Lochac Law will be put into effect from the 1st of January 2019.

Current law:
VII.4.ii Kingdom Event Levy Each: group in the Kingdom of Lochac shall contribute to the kingdom funds. For every event held, $1 from every person 18 years or older attending the event shall be collected.

Incoming law:
VII.4.ii Kingdom Event Levy: Each branch in the Kingdom of Lochac shall contribute to the Kingdom funds. For every day (up to a maximum of 5 days) of every event held, $1 from every person 18 years or older attending the event that day shall be collected.

Additionally sections through VIII.1.viii, which describes the 50% profit split on Crown events that goes towards Kingdom funds will be struck from law.

Branches will certainly have the option to generously donate to the costs of running our Kingdom, but Crown events will not have a requirement to generate income for Lochac coffers over and above that of every other event.

There has been significant discussion regarding the transition; this change will take significant planning on behalf of the Treasurers and Exchequer to implement. The wider details I will leave to those officers, announcements will be made as policies are updated. For now please be aware that all events advertised in October Pegasus will continue with the existing models in place.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion and for your ongoing support as our officers implement these changes.


Lochac Seneschal

Crown Event Profit Split Changes

Crown Profit split is struck from Lochac Laws, and no longer applies to Crown Events starting as of November Crown 2019

Kingdom Levy Policies

Policy as of 1st January 2019.

Kingdom Levy is now $1 per person 18 years and over per day instead of per event.

Per day refers to per calendar day regardless of hours of the event on that day.

Max Kingdom Levy to be collected per person per event is $5

For Australian and Southron Gaard events, Kingdom Levy attracts GST.

Only events listed in October Pegasus 2018 are exempt from the changes – 12th Night 2019, Canterbury Faire 2019 & Border War XXI


If you have a question that does not get answered here, please email the Lochac Exchequer -

This list will be updated when needed by the Lochac Exchequer

Q: Will this change affect an event’s profit/loss?

A: No. Kingdom Levies are the same as Event Insurance - it is a cost incurred by the event goer and not the Branch, so it does not affect the profit/loss of an event as the extra cost will be budgeted into the event fee by the Steward.

Q: How do I know if I need to charge Kingdom Levy?

A: Lochac Laws state - VII.4.i Events Definition For the purposes of Kingdom Levy and SCANZ Event Membership, the word “event” means any in-garb event meeting the requirements of Corpora II.A, and excludes regular activities such as monthly or weekly fighter practices, group business meetings, informal classes, etc, as per Corpora II.B.

For the purposes of SCA Ltd Event Membership, the word “event” means any SCA event or activity. If there is doubt as to whether an activity is an “event” according to these definitions, then the decision shall be made by the Kingdom Seneschal.

Q: The Friday night of the event is mainly to set up and isn’t really part of the event. Do I still need to charge Kingdom Levies?

A: If you advertise the start of the event as the Friday night, people are paying for the first night, and people are signed in, then Kingdom Levies still apply to that first night. Please bear in mind that if you choose not to sign in on the ‘set up’ night to avoid $1 in Kingdom Levy, and any injury or incident that occurs will not be covered by SCA Ltd's public liability insurance. Any SCA Ltd event or activity needs to be covered by SCA Ltd's public liability insurance.

Q: The first/last day of the event is only a couple of hours, do I still have to charge/pay Kingdom Levies?

A: Yes. Kingdom Levy is calculated on calendar days, not hours or part days, etc..

Q: My event starts and ends on the same day - do the changes affect my event?

A: For events that start and end on the same day, exactly the same amount of Kingdom Levies will be payable as under the previous system.

Q: What do we spend Kingdom monies on that we need to pay more Kingdom Levy

A: Kingdom funds are spent on several things. The most commonly known about is the Crown Travel Fund of up to $4,000 per Reign. We also have the Stronger Kingdom Fund of $1,500, and the Regalia fund of $1,000. We also pay for all Heraldic submissions for Lochac, any expenses for our Kingdom Officers such as advertising for the Hospitaller, paints, parchment etc. for the Provost, Web hosting so all our Lochac websites stay up and running, tokens for our Royals to continue handing out awards, plus a few other miscellaneous items.

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