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Running an Event

Autocrats/Stewards who are running events need to report back to their group Reeve all of the money that came in and went out for the event as well as what it was spent on.

In turn the group Reeve will then include this information in their quarterly report to the Kingdom Exchequer.

They do this using the standard “stewards event template”, found on the Forms page of this wiki.

To help out your group Reeve it is reccomended that those running events, download a copy of the event report template and edit the 'event tab' for your event.

The information included is only a starting point but you should use it as a guide. Feel free to remove or add extra categories of income or expenditure to suit your own event.

You should send a copy of the report to your group Reeve who will then be able to include that information in their own report.


The following are considerations with respect to the handling of payments for events

  1. That the use of pre-payment for events via internet banking or direct deposits be strongly encouraged where possible, in order to minimise the cash handling required at events.
  2. That gate cash takings CANNOT be used for expenses on the day. All gate takings must be banked after an event.
  3. Sign-in be situated (where practical) in a reasonably visible area, so as to increase the number of eyes that may be able to observe the security of the area, even if not specifically tasked to do so. It is hoped that this may act as a deterrent against would-be thieves.
  4. That at events where a significant amount of cash handling is expected to be undertaken, one member of the gate staff (potentially a deputy of the Constable's office) is present with the sole task of keeping cash safe and secure around the sign-in desk area.
  5. That cash being stored at the sign-in area be kept in such a position that it cannot be reached by attendees or passers-by, and is only accessible by the gate staff or under their explicit observation.
  6. If the sign-in desk is left unattended for any period of time, that all cash and valuables be removed.
  7. When significant amounts of cash are being taken at gate, that the practice of regular removal of cash in excess of that required to provide change, to a secure location, be undertaken.

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