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 ===== Information on deposits ===== ===== Information on deposits =====
-When making electronic deposits, you should clearly indicate in the comment fields which group the deposit is from.+When making electronic deposits, you should ​**clearly** indicate in the comment fields which group the deposit is from.
-It is permissable to combine deposits, but in that case you should also indicate what the total is made up of ie : 116+24+52 +It is not permissable to combine deposits ​as levies ​and insurance are paid into seperate accounts.
- +
-When manually depositing a cheque, you should send a note to the exchequer ​and the relevant incorporated treasurer stating the above information. +
- +
-Ideally you should make all of the deposits yourself at the relevant branch rather than mailing cheques to be deposited on your behalf.+
 +When depositing amounts it is also recommended to notify the country specific Board Treasuer and Exchequer.

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