April 2009

Meeting at Rowany Festival, attended by Their Majesties, Mistress Cairistiona (outgoing Seneschal), Master Bartholomew (incoming Seneschal), Master Cristoval (Exchequer), royal advisors.


The travel fund has been increased after many years from $2000 to $3500 per reign, recognising that there are higher airfares, more groups, and most recently heavy excess baggage charges. Up to $1000 of this amount may be used to reimburse travel to Pennsic representing the kingdom. All reimbursement is on the basis of receipts. Effective from the next reign.

At the Chancellor's discretion, with the agreement of the Seneschal, kingdom officer travel on urgent kingdom business may be reimbursed. For travel by the Seneschal or Exchequer, the Crown must endorse the travel.


All local reeves of groups with bank accounts shall provide quarterly financial reports in accordance with a form issued by the Chancellor, from 1 July 2009. This report is required by the end of October, January, April and July. Work is underway to amend kingdom law accordingly.

The reeves will be reporting on event memberships and kingdom levies in each report, and accordingly the cap on kingdom levies has been removed.


Reports from recent Crown events in Ynys Fawr and Innilgard are overdue. Bartholomew will follow these up urgently, noting that the potential penalty in kingdom law for late reports is that groups may not hold any further events until reporting is complete.

There were no bids for Twelfth Night Investiture 2010 by the first or second deadlines. Subsequently, Ildhafn, Okewaite and Rowany provided bids. Their Majesties and Cristoval were absent from the decision discussion as they were involved in bids. The decision was that this event would be in Okewaite (incipient canton in Goulburn NSW), in accordance with their “Purple Event” bid.

There were no bids for May Crown 2010 by the first deadline. Bartholomew will urgently seek bids, for decision out of session.

Cristoval Chancellor Lochac Exchequer

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