April 2010

Rowany Festival 2010

There shall be a Council of the Purse, consisting of the Crown (or Regent), the Seneschal, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to determine matters of general finance and the distribution of funds during the reign. All members of the Council must agree to make a decision. The Council of the Purse is responsible for approving the budget for every Crown event. The heirs shall attend but not have a vote.


In attendance: Bran and Lilya (Crown), Bartholomew (Seneschal), Cristoval (Chancellor)

1. Crown Events

a. May Crown 2011 shall be held at Rowany Festival. There was only one bid, and the proximity of Easter to Anzac Day makes it undesirable to separate the two.

b. The Seneschal will talk to the Steward (Alfar) about a suggestion to have the royal dinner as a progression through the campsite rather than a set-piece dinner hosted by Rowany, with adjustment to the budget as appropriate. [Their advice is that they'd rather go with the set-piece dinner.]

2. Stronger Kingdom Fund

a. The Council had already agreed to support the Great Northern War and Cristoval has emailed the gentle for more details (21 Jan). This email was not answered and has now been re-issued with annotations. [They are not proceeding as their intended guests can no longer come.]

b. A proposal from Ynys Fawr was previously approved under the original arrangements for matching funds up to $500.

c. In general, requests for support from regular annual events will now be limited to $250 support, unless the specified assistance requested is high priority, specialised and novel for Lochac. One-off events continue to be eligible for $500, all on a dollar-for-dollar basis. (There is a notional annual cap of $1000, but the Council of the Purse can vary this and is in a supportive mood at present.)

d. The Great Southern Gathering (SA) and the Advanced Armoured Combat Training School (WA) are approved for up to $250 each.

3. SCA Corporate Officer visits

a. The three heraldic Sovereigns-of-Arms are attending Festival. Agreed that Kingdom will contribute a total of $300 to their living expenses while visiting, via payment to Giles Leabrook (mundanely Braddon Giles).

b. Agreed that Kingdom can fund up to $300 per year to assist one or more SCA Corporate Officers to visit Lochac, at the discretion of the Seneschal. This would be a contribution to communication across the worldwide SCA. There is the possibility of further grants from the Fighter Action Tourney Fund, SCAA, SCANZ as well as the hosting events.

4. Officer Training

a. The Seneschal advised the Council of a proposal in the early stages of development of an additional proposal, an officer training seminar to be held immediately prior to an upcoming Crown event. Details are to follow from the event proposer.

b. The Council is extremely interested in this proposal and will be willing to make a funding contribution. This might be a good candidate to seek additional funding from the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction Tourney Fund.

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