February 2013

Meeting was held electronically.

Agreement was reached that the Stronger Kingdom funds guidelines should be updates as below. This allows groups to gain certainty as to the ammount of funding which will be available. It also recognizes that in practice applications will be received throughout the year and it isn't feasible to allocate all funding for the year at a fixed point in time :

Policy agreed on 13/02/2013 :

The Council of the Purse welcomes submissions for assistance under the Stronger Kingdom Fund. Submisisons may be made throughout the year and will each be considered on a case by case basis.

The concept is to help bring expert visitors from other groups, to harness their energy and expertise.

The kingdom will fund up to $500 towards the travel costs of brining a visiting expert to the group. It is understood that actual travel costs may be higher than this, any further funding should be done by the group either through attendance charges for the event or other fund-raising. It could also be worthwhile asking Rowany for assistance from their Fighter Auction Fund, applying to the Laurels for ‘Laurel Freedom Bus’ funding, or seeking contributions from other SCA groups in your region.

By “experts”, we mean members of the peerages (knights, laurels, pelicans) or the polling orders (archers, fencers). If your real need is a herald or an equestrian who is not a peer, write in with your case and the Council may consider your proposal anyway.

Your submission should fit on one A4 page, in MS Word or OpenOffice, and should include a description of your need, then how your proposed solution will address this. The submission can be generic (“seeking funds for 3 laurels covering costuming, brewing and thaumaturgy”) or specific (“for Sir Cumfrance and his armouring trailer”).

The fund's guidelines are that there is a planned Kingdom expenditure of $1500 per calendar year. Once this budget has been allocated in a calendar year, then subsequent applications on the fund will be unlikely to be granted.

There may be more groups seeking assistance than the funds available, so it's helpful if you can demonstrate value for money. For instance, if you hire a minibus, it may be possible to bring extra peers and perhaps some laurel apprentices or squires to help. It may be that one Laurel can offer several sessions to address more than one need. Or you could get letters of support (email fine) from nearby groups to demonstrate that they will attend and maximise the benefit.

Once assistance under the fund has been approved, reimbursement can be made to the group upon presentation of receipts up to the maximum value awarded.

This policy is subject to review at any time.

Please send submissions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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