How to Use the Templates

The template contains a number of formulas which link the totals of cells within each quarter both to other pages within the report file and to other cells on the same sheet.

There are explanations as to what to do down the side of the coloured section on each tab

What goes where

Each quarter is broken up into non-event income, non-event expenditure and event summary (which contains both income and expenditure) sections.

In relation to group meetings (training, A&S etc), the money from this can be put into either section - some groups prefer to use the event section as it has the column for the non-member fee, making it easier to keep track of what is owed.

 Event summary - this Quarter							
         	  finalised?	Income	Expenditure	profit/(loss)	event mships	kingd levy
 name of event             N					
 name of event             N					
 name of event             N					
 name of event             N					
 name of event             N					
	               TOTALS	$0.00	  $0.00	          $0.00	           $0.00	$0.00

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