The Fibre Guild of Lochac

Minutes of the Guild meeting Festival, A.S. XL


Ragnhildr (was morag), Marienna, Fina, Tyg, Gwen from Stowe, Teffania, Marit. Apologies Mathilde, Contarina.

  1. The proposed Guild project of the banner was well received. More details to come closer to the day. The gold base will be felted in one piece, with a blue and a red piece felted separately then cutout into the shapes and laid into the base and felted in. Lots of time sitting down running our feet over the rolled up piece in the bamboo blind.

  2. Tyg has stepped up to be the Warden in Stowe-on-the-Wowld. Welcome and thanks for being a Minister for Enthusiasm.

  3. Royalty Gifts

    after wideranging discussison (including perceived standards, group projects, individual items etc), it was decided that the Guild would hold a Gift Box of any little or medium item members wished to donate and it would be offered to the outgoing Royalty for them to choose an item each. Items could be a spun hank, a spuna dn dyed skein, a pair of knitted gloves, lengths of cording - whatever the members wish to donate.

  4. Guild Day for ASXLI

    Poiltarchopolis Lady Leonie de Grey 16-17 September 2006. She's trying to get a few different styles of tablet weaving looms, and Tyg passed on that a needlepoint tapestry frame stand is quite stable and useful. She'll also bring her portable tapestry loom and Ragnhildr will see about getting an AAF warp weighted loom there too. It would be good to have a Fibre Guild stream of classes, and Ragnhildr will liaise with Leonie on this.

  5. Mistress Marienna shared her tablet strengthened sewing edges and the tiny tablet she uses.

  6. Mistress Acacia donated a lovely little Roman spindle whorl to be a prize for a challenge run by the Guild. Tit was suggested the Fleece to Finished could run again next year and the whorl could be a perpetual trophy for it. Agreed. This year's challenge had seven people pick up fleece. Teffania noted it was a pity that people who don't spin nor felt were missing out - it was decided next year's challenge will be a choice of fleece, fleece and some spun thread (singles), or same weight spun singles.


The most recent Guild Meeting was at Rowany Festival, A.S. XXXVIII

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