Great Northern War XVI
th to 9th of June 2014
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Join the Crown on their pilgrimage to Their heartland of the north where they will seek settlement, good food, much merriment and a hearty welcome from Their beloved North.

I am sure the populace will rouse to this noble journey placing laurels at Their feet to pass over unharmed... Where festivities will be held so that all nobles across the lands wishing to celebrate all that is the greatness of the north and reaffirm their loyalty to the Crown may do so.... And I am sure no ill mannered pocket of villainy will emerge to challenge our lords lawful right to their northern lands....

There are many activities at GNW which we encourage you to join in or watch including: The Famous Friday Night Ring of Fire Tourney, war, feasting, Knight and Fencing Schools, archery, fencing games, fire starting, massive Flaming Siege Weapons, collegias, knife throwing, markets, games, theatrical performances and blacksmithing demonstrations.

This is a fully catered event from the Friday night Ring of Fire Tourney until Monday lunch during the Fighter Auction Tourney.

So come and join us to celebrate all that is the North, enjoy a drink with old and new friends at the Tavern or sing a song or two around the warm fire.

Times:  Site Opens 12pm Friday June 6th and closes 4pm Monday June 9th, 2014.

Event Costs:  See booking form. Payment secures booking. Book early to avoid price increases!

Accommodation: Camping & limited bunk rooms, bedding, aeroport pickups and feasting gear available to interstate travellers for a small cost - numbers are limited. See Bookings page for more details.

Friday Night Ring of Fire photo courtesy of Brooke Perkins (used with permission)
Flaming Ring of Fire