Baronial Arts & Sciences (A&S) Library

Title / Author / ImprintContentLocation within the Library
Air de la baffe-dance / T ArbeauSheet musicBright green folder
Alle PsalliteSheet musicBlue folder
Avoiding mundanity at SCA camping events / Gereint Scholar2 pagesWhite folder
Bardic notes : newsletter of the Lochac Guild of Entertainers. Vol. 2, no. 1, July 1990 (AS XXV) Music for the Known World Pavan, The Bear Dance, San serif and the Scottish bransle (Baroness Rowan's fancy) White folder
Bardic notes : newsletter of the Lochac Guild of Entertainers. Vol. 2, no. 5, November 1991 (AS XXVI) Music for The Cut branles (revisited), More tunes from the Stormhold Broken Consort (Newcastle, Chestnut, Rufty Tufty), Gathering Peascods, Jenny Pluck Pears, The Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The Black Almain, Canarios, Ennuy tui me Tokmente, A Tourdion, Mannshaft Pavanne, Air de la Basse-Dance, Fi maris de vostre amour, There were three ravens.White folder
Bardic notes : newsletter of the Lochac Guild of Entertainers. Vol. 2, no. 6 Music for Pinagay, Upon a Summer's Day, Tourdion, Ballo del Fiore, Contentezza d'Amore, O my heart, Sing we and chant it, A little pretty bonny lass, Mille regrets.White folder
Basic tassel, tassels with a past How to make tassels White folder
Bear dance or The Musician's curse Sheet music - 9 copies Bright green folder
Blessed Herman songbook / Blodeuwedd y Gath. 1997 Loose lyrics sheets for period, original, bonfire, filk, college, fun songs and rounds Green folder
Bring us in good ale! / Anonymous Late English 15th century song. Sheet music and lyrics Blue folder
Call the names / Heather Dale Music and lyrics from the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Book and CD  
Calligraphy : the art of beautiful writing Notes White folder
Candle-making / Rosamund of Bacchas Wood Workshop May 1995 White folder
Cockatrice 2, January 1999  
Cockatrice 8, July 2000  
Cockatrice 9, January 2001  
Cockatrice 10, April 2001  
Cockatrice 12, November 2001  
Cockatrice 14, March 2002  
Cockatrice 18 May AS XXXVII (2 copies)  
Cockatrice 23 July XXXIX  
Cockatrice 25 January XXXIX  
Cockatrice 30 April XXXX  
Contrapasso nuovo / Caroso Dance steps Bright green folder
A Coude (elbow protection) Making a coude (raised elbow protection - includes template) 2 pages White folder
Court of Love meets the court of France, or, The jury finds the defendant innocent and condemns her to death. Play featuring Elanor of Aquitane, Philip, King of France and various courtiers and troubadors. Typescript. White folder
Cut bransles : Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte, La Guerre, Aridan Dance steps Bright green folder
Decoration and illumination of Royal Charters in England, 1250-1509 : an introduction / Elizabeth Danbury. Photocopy from "England and her neighbours, 1066-1453 : essays in honour of Pierre Chaplais". Edited by Michael Jones and Malcolm Vale. White folder
Del's dance book / Delbert von Strasburg Descriptions and steps to over 60 commonly and not so commonly performed dances in Lochac. Includes bibliography and timeline. Spiral bound
Fi maris de vostre amour / Adam de la Halle Polyphonic rondeaux Blue folder
Fool's bransle / Braddock McCarrum of That Ilk Dance steps and music Bright green folder
Froissart's chronicles / edited and translated by John Jolliffe. London: Harvill Press, 1967. Covers the periods 1326 to 1400, includes descriptions of all the important events that took place in England, France, Scotland, Ireland and Flanders. 448 pages  
From the neck up : an illustrated guide to hatmaking / Denise Dreher. Minneapolis, MN : Madhatter Press, 1981 Mainly out of period hat making instructions. Spiral bound photocopy
Gavotte / Arbeau Dance steps Bright green folder
Guide to English embroidery / Patricia Wardle. London : V&A Museum, 1970. Essay (28 p.) and 93 B&W illustrations from period sources with annotated notes.  
Gush forth my tears / William Holborne Madrigal Blue folder
Hay branle / Arbeau Dance steps Bright green folder
Hector of the Black Height : That reminds me of a story CD from the Kingdom of Ealdormere, 2004 CD 2 copies
Hector of the Black Height : The Red Album Music and lyrics from the Kingdom of Ealdormere, 2002. Book and CD Songbook and CD
Herbal and Spagyric honeys / Bev Lane Notes and recipes on making herbal remedies White folder
How to marbleize paper / Gabriele Grunebaum. New York : Dover, 1984. Step-by-step instructions for 12 traditional patterns. Colour and B&W illustrations  
Incense making / Bev Lane Notes on ingredients and recipes White folder
Incense, perfumes, bad smells and candles illumine men's heart Making Background article on perfumes. 3 pages. White folder
Innilgard's Winter Arts and Sciences Collegium CD One, AS XXXVII (2002) Bobbin lace, Celtic knotwork, Chocolate - it can be period, Couching, Dressing to excess, Finger nit cord, How to wear veils, Mail making, Recommendations, Siege engines. Videos, photos, notes - Html Disc  
Innilgard's Winter Arts and Sciences Collegium CD 2, AS XXXVIII (2003) 15th C Flemish garb and cord, Corded corsets, Early Russian garb, Elizabethan Heraldry, Flowers by formula, Freehand Blackwork, Hair raising, 1300's headwear, Herbal garden, Ink making, Liqueurs for beginners, Hair netting, Cauls, Period buttons, Quill making, Rapier garb, 16th C garb, Making tassels. Photos, video, notes. Html disc  
Jewels and junk / Hilary of Serendip Ynys Fawr, AS XXX. Notes on how to find the real thing. White folder
Jorvik Viking Centre : official guide. York Archaeological Trust, 1988. Colour booklet with photos of the Centre exhibits  
Karaboushka Dance steps Bright green folder
Known World Pavan / Arr. Martin the Juggler Sheet music Bright green folder
Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry calendrier 1996 Calendar. Full page colour illuminations from the Duc de Berry's Book of Hours. The calendar section was painted some time between 1412 and 1416.  
A Little pretty bonny lass / John Farmer Madrigal - lyrics and music. 2 sets Blue folder
Lochac Arts and Sciences supplement. Issue 1, December AS XXXI Barbarian personae, Hydromel, Making Lamellar Armour of the Middle and Far East, To the Baron's Taste (period recipes), Italian Renaissance Costumes, Chivalry, White Metheglin, Coin making White folder
Lochac Arts and Sciences supplement. July AS XXXV Renaissance laidwork, Makshufa - an Islamic toffee recipe, Making of an SCA combat legal trebuchet, Sonnet writing, Lemmon mead, My Lady Morices Meath, A Brief History of Velvet. White folder
Lochac Praeclarus Est / Jaysen Ollerenshaw Lyrics and music Blue folder
Lucrezia's locks : Winter collegium June AS XXXVIII Articles on Fashions in hair, Haircare, Braiding hair, colouring and decorating with illustrations and colour reproductions. White folder
Making paper Notes on making paper with illustrations and glossary. White folder
May Queen / Heather Dale CD of songs and lyrics  
Medieval manuscript painting / Sabrina Mitchell. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1964. Essay (45 pages), 64 colour plates, 112 B&W plates. Volume is A5 size.  
Medieval woman illuminated calendar 1992 : the work they did, the lives they lived. Full page colour illumination reproductions from various period sources.  
Medieval woman illuminated calendar 1993 : her spirit extraordinary, her talents boundless. Full page colour illumination reproductions from various period sources.  
Medieval woman illuminated calendar 1994 : rescued from the shadows of history. Full page colour illumination reproductions from various period sources.  
Medieval woman illuminated calendar 1997 : the strong, the resilient, the accomplished. Full page colour illumination reproductions from various period sources.  
Mille regrets / Josquin des Prez Lyrics (in French) and music. Blue folder
Next to Godliness / Bev Lane Notes on cleanliness and recipes for soap making White folder
Noble boke off cookery ffor a prynce houssolde or ewny other estately houssolde / Mrs. Alexander Napier, ed. London : Elliot Stock, 1882. Recipes from the early 15th century. Spiral bound photocopy
O my heart / Henry VIII Lyrics and music Blue folder
On honest indulgence : a little work on foods and honest indulgence by the very learned man Platina. Albany, NY : Falconwood Press, 1989. 10 "books" on various foods, recipes and ways of life on the Ides of June, 1475 Spiral bound copy
Pattern construction in the SCA : tunics to Houppelande / Lynne Cook Includes B&W illustrations  
Picking up sticks Dance steps with diagrams Bright green folder
Roses / Bev Lane Notes on the use of roses with recipes White folder
San serif (Shiarazula Marazula) / P. Phalese Sheet music - 9 copies Bright green folder
Second Known World Bardic Congress & Cooks Collegium : Proceedings. October 11-14, 2002 Sponsored by the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Loose-leaf (183 pages) Includes class notes on CD (2 copies)  
Shakespeare - the invisible man : a documentary on his life and works Screened ABC, 3rd. March 2003 Video CD
Since first I saw your face / Thomas Ford Madrigal - lyrics and music Blue folder
Sing we and chant it / Thomas Morley Lyrics and music - 2 copies Blue folder
Sir Roger de Coverley Dance steps and music Bright green folder
Stella splendens Lyrics and music Blue folder
Tales from the past, music for the future : sampler. Amphisbaena Music, 2003 CD of music  
There were three ravens / Thomas Ravenscroft Partsong - lyrics and music. 2 copies Blue folder
Three dances from the Court of Their Excellencies Baron Stephen Aldred and Baroness Mathilde Adycote. AS XXXV Music for Pavan, Galliard and Passamezzo Bright green folder
Tourch branle / Arbeau Dance steps Bright green folder
Tournaments Illuminated 51, 1979    
Tournaments Illuminated 64, 1982    
Tournaments Illuminated 78, 1986    
Tournaments Illuminated 80, 1986    
Tournaments Illuminated 81, 1986    
Tournaments Illuminated 82, 1987    
Tournaments Illuminated 83, 1987    
Tournaments Illuminated 84, 1987    
Tournaments Illuminated 85, 1987    
Tournaments Illuminated 87, 1988    
Tournaments Illuminated 90, 1989    
Tournaments Illuminated 107, 1993 2 copies  
Tournaments Illuminated 108, 1993    
Tournaments Illuminated 120 1996    
Tournaments Illuminated 121, 1997    
Tournaments Illuminated 122, 1997    
Tournaments Illuminated 123, 1997    
Tournaments Illuminated 124, 1997    
Tournaments Illuminated 125, 1998    
Tournaments Illuminated 126, 1998    
Tournaments Illuminated 127, 1998    
Tournaments Illuminated 128, 1998    
Tournaments Illuminated 129, 1999    
Tournaments Illuminated 130, 1999    
Tournaments Illuminated 131, 1999    
Tournaments Illuminated 132, 1999    
Tournaments Illuminated 133, 2000    
Tournaments Illuminated 134, 2000    
Tournaments Illuminated 135, 2000    
Tournaments Illuminated 136, 2000    
Tournaments Illuminated 137, 2001    
Tournaments Illuminated 138, 2001    
Troika Dance steps Bright green folder
Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 & Har. MS 4016 with extracts from Ashmole MS 1429, Laud MS 553 & Douce MS 55 / Thomas Austin, ed. London : Early English Text Society, 1888. Recipes from the 15th century Spiral bound copy
Wayward Herald Tavern ; a feast and games evening held in the Barony of Innilgard, 4th December, AS XXXIX. Program of the evening, including lyrics for various drinking songs. White folder
We wear chain mail knickers : an Ynys Fawr songbook / Hrolf Herjolfssen. v. 1, 1990. A book of filk songs and poems for singing at revels and camp fires. Loose typed sheets. White folder
Weep o mine eyes / John Bennet Lyrics and music (copy is very faint) Blue folder
Yurt builders notebook / John D. Eggett. Pacoima, Calif. : Court Wizard Press, 2002 40 pages and 50 illustrations (mostly colour). Includes formulae and directions.