If you're wondering who is best to contact for general information about the SCA and Innilgard, please call the Baron and Baroness or the Seneschal, or come along to one of our Sunday Meetings at the Guide Hall on Brand St, Beulah Park (check the Calendar first).

Baron and Baroness
Baron Cullan of Innilgard & Baroness Aeschine of Arran Ph: 0432 620 754 (Titular heads of the Barony & representatives of the Crown in Innilgard)

Seneschal Seneschal - Jarnskeggi the Mad Ph: 0423 416 357 (Combined president/secretary, main organiser)
Reeve Reeve (Treasurer) - Elena le Breustere (Kathryn Bird)
Ph: 0410403718 or email:
Herald Herald - Tobias of Chester (Jason Hewlett)
Ph: 0407 766 002 or email: (Assists with heraldry, ceremony, names & arms)
Marshall Marshal - Tybalt della Scala (Ben Ernst)
Ph: 0412 233 795 or email: (Encourages and organises combat, primarily heavy, especially the safety aspects)
Rapier Rapier Marshal - Ethan Drake Ph: 0434 570 317 (Encourages and organises rapier combat, including the safety aspects)
  Archery - Faelan mac Flainn Ph:0457 020 538 (The Captain of Archers encourages and organises archery, both target shooting and combat archery)

Arts & Sciences - Faelan mac Flainn Ph:0457 020 538 (The Minister for Arts & Sciences encourages all forms of period arts & crafts)

Scribes Scribes - Fionn inghean ui Mheadhra (Fionn o'Mara)
Constable - Yevan de Leeds Ph: 0403 289 844 (In charge of law & order (including indemnities) and lost property)
Lists Lists - Yngvildr Skrauti Ph: 0435858018 (Organises the order of combat, and records results)
Chirurgeon Chirurgeon - Aeschine of Arran SMS:0432 620 754 (In charge of first-aid at events)
Hospitaller Hospitaller - Aeschine of Arran SMS:0432 620 754 Please contact a week in advance of the event for which you need garb or gear. (Provides garb and feast equipment for new members and visitors - given advance notice)
Chronicler Chronicler - Collette de Harcourt (Rebecca Tonkin) the "Innilgard Irregular", our group's monthly newsletter)
  Quartermaster - Eric Alard
Contact via Facebook (Stores and provides access to Innilgard's equipment)
Historian Historian - Ingerith Ryzka (Margareta Nicholas) Ph:0434 938 512(Records and maintains the history of Innilgard. Always looking for material regarding the history of the barony -
documents, photographs, stories...)
Web Web Minister - Haos Windchaser Ph:0450 234 334 (Maintains this website)