Unless state otherwise, all events are in-garb events. All attendees are expected to wear at least an attempt at pre-1650 garb. If you need to borrow some clothes for the event, please contact the Hospitaler at least a week before the event to arrange to borrow something appropriate.

Minors are welcome to attend SCA events and training, but they must have a parent/guardian present. A parent/guardian can also nominate another adult each event or training session as a caregiver to serve this purpose, please ask the Constable for a form, or print one yourself (

Feast of Blessed Herman

Saturday September 17, Trinity Uniting Church, 318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park

The College of Blessed Herman is pleased to invite you to the Feast of Blessed Herman, held in this 30th year of our existence in honor of our patron, Blessed Herman.

3 competitions shall be held;
-Best entertainment in honor of our patron or college (Song, dance, or other act)
-Best A&S item including the college device
-Best piece of new garb, theme of "Headwear" (Piece to have been made within previous year)

The college will also be searching for the relics of Blessed Herman. Guests are invited to bring along "relics" and a backstory, with one true relic to be chosen to be added to our reliquary.

Steward: Domenico dePontferrada (
Booking form:

Price: College Member, Adult SCA Member: $25
SCA Child Member (5-16): 18
Non-member event insurance surcharge: $5


Saturday October 29, Trinity Uniting Church, 318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park

A feast in the German style to celebrate October. Bring your German garb, games, and tales and seat yourself for a magnificent feast of German medieval and renaissance food. There will be a hobby horse joust inspired by the deeds of Ulrich von Lichenstein – bring your costume, fancy headwear and wigs!
• German food (cooking competition)
• A German fairy-tale
• German headwear (for a friendly indoor joust)

Steward: Mistress Collette de Harcourt (

Price: Adult Members $30, Age 5-18 Members $20. +$5 for non-members for event insurance.
Children Under 5 - Free. Family Rates by arrangement.


Note that Tourneys and other outdoor events are likely to be cancelled if the forecast temperature is over 35 degrees celsius.