Unless state otherwise, all events are in-garb events. All attendees are expected to wear at least an attempt at pre-1650 garb. If you need to borrow some clothes for the event, please contact the Hospitaler at least a week before the event to arrange to borrow something appropriate.

Minors are welcome to attend SCA events and training, but they must have a parent/guardian present. A parent/guardian can also nominate another adult each event or training session as a caregiver to serve this purpose, please ask the Constable for a form, or print one yourself (

Newcomer's Revel

Saturday 16th May, Church of the Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Park.
Doors open 5:30 for a 6pm start.

This is an evening to be an introduction to SCA feasting, dancing, singing and general revelry especially for any newcomers we have post Gumeracha Medieval Faire. If you need to borrow garb or feasting equipment please indicate this when you book. Please remember to bring a plate of food to share. Cordials will be provided to slake your thirst.

Cost: $10 Newcomers, $15 Members, $20 Non-members, Children under 12 free, Families by negotiation.

Bookings to before Wednesday 13th May.

Ultimate Fighter Tournament

Sunday 17th May, Girl Guide Hall Brand Street, Beulah Park
Set-up from 11 am, Inspection and Lists open 11.30. Tourney starts 12 noon.

5 Heavy tourneys in 1 day!

Formats are:
1.Single sword, dagger, mace, axe – basically no shield and a one handed weapon.
2.Great sword – two handed sword.
3.Sword and shield – basically one handed weapon and shield.
4.Glaive or Polearm – includes halberd, poleaxe, spear, pike.
5.Chosen weapon in any legal combination.

Please bring any spare weapons you are willing to lend.

Points will be given for all fighter according to the placings, and the fighter with the most points overall will be the ultimate victor.
In addition, Points will also be allocated to the unbelted fighters placing in the top ten (12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) placings.

The 2 highest placed non-knights from Innilgard that are going to Great Northern War will have earned the right to enter in the Ultimate Fighter Lochac Tournament that will be held there.

Any questions please contact Collette ( or 0448 168 010

Feast of the Old North

Saturday, June 27th, Athelstone Community Hall, 1 Maryvale Rd, Athelstone.
Doors open 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

The Hersirs of Innilgard, Yevan and Eva, invite you to their hall upon the 27th day of June, AS L, to join them upon the mead-benches for a night of feasting in honour of the Northern Lands in the Age of the Viking.

The produce of the lands of the North shall be served to you, and there shall be games, and revelry, and the poetry of skalds.

For the Artisans of the Barony, we invite them to display their skill, in an Arts and Science competition with two categories:
 Vikings: an item associated with warfare, ships or plunder;
 Norse: an item from any other aspect of Norse culture.

$30 for members, $15 for children under 12, families by negotiation. + $5 each for non-SCA members
Bookings: Sorcha le Breton,
Bookings close Saturday, June 20th 2015.

Steward: Faelan mac Flainn (

College War

Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th of July, Located in the Adelaide Hills at 45B Yeates Rd, Woodchester.

The College of Blessed Herman the Cripple will be holding college war this year

Come and party with the collegians! When you get sick of the collegians, hit them on the war and tourney fields. Join the noble Hermanites and help them repel the invading Ursulan hoards, or side with the Bears at your peril.

If hitting people isn't your thing worry not. There will be much stabbing on the rapier field for those who are that way inclined. And as well as the usual collegian shenanigans we also have perfectly sensible A&S classes a plenty and competitions, campfires, singing and some super secret cool stuff. (We'll tell you later)

$44 full event for Collegians
$60 full event non-college member
$15 Day rate for Collecians
$20 Day rate if non-college member
The usual $5 non SCA member fee applies
Bookings are not open yet but SAVE THE DATES.

The camping event kicks off with a day of rapier, heavy and archery tourneys before general games are held and the colleges huddle around a campfire and sing and drink the night away!

The second day will be A&S filled! With such competitions as:
Performance and entertainment,
Map making,
Garb made since festival,
Siege cooking
Running in tandem with a boffer skirmish, Classes, Pickups and training.

The third and final day will be dedicated to the art of war in all it’s forms consisting of War in the morning and heavy games and a Rapier melee in the afternoon.

Booking link, please fill in:
Facebook event:
Queries to

A Night in Purgatory (Feast)

Saturday, September 19th, Free Masons Hall, 77 Phillip Highway,Elizabeth South 5112

A Night in Purgatory
Oh shall we sin
Come forth all ye sinners, saints and all in between
For a Night in Purgatory
A night of sin and merriment, Where death and sin await thee.
Find out how ye died and confess thy sins to 7
Confessions redeem thee to golden gates to
 Where unseen treasure await thee
Competitions for the evening are
Best confessed sin
Most sinful subtlety

Please note this event may not be suitable to children, use your own discretion as you know your children.

Bookings: Elena Breustere / Kathryn Bird,
Bookings close Sunday, September 13th.
Cost: Members (including College) $25.00 Non-Members $30.00 Family rate available Please contact steward.
Payment can be made through direct deposit into the Innilgard account: Direct Deposit: ANZ BSB 015311 acc. 4808 24286

Steward: Margueritte de Valenssa, Ph: 0422 651 806, Email:



Note that Tourneys and other outdoor events are likely to be cancelled if the forecast temperature is over 35 degrees celsius.