Information for Newcomers to the SCA

There is a great deal of information out on the Internet for newcomers to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).  The intent of these pages is not to repeat what has been said elsewhere but to lead you to this information via links both to other pages on our web site and outside of the site.  Consequently you are advised to use New Tab to navigate your way around these pages.


The worldwide site for the SCA is at

“The Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe.”  This is the official definition as can be found at

However, we do range further than Europe in our studies as we try to encompass the Orient and the Spanish Americas as it was known during our date range.

Our Kingdom (Lochac) comprises Australian and New Zealand and is one of 19 kingdoms in the Known World.  The site for our Kingdom is at


Here in our local group (called the Barony of Innilgard) we undertake and encourage any activity that was commonly pursued in the Middle Ages (modified in some cases) and that does not contravene modern law and the laws of the SCA.  The SCA laws we follow can be found at

Some of the fun stuff we do

Details of some of these activities can be found elsewhere on our web site.

Martial Activities:

Arts and Sciences:


These activities have a purpose in that they culminate in tournaments and feasts that are held locally and interstate with other groups in our kingdom.  Please check the web site and the newsletter for dates and locations of these events.

Unlike the regular meetings and practices, where you can wear what you want, we ask that everyone who attends our Feasts, Tournaments and other Events comes wearing at least an attempt at medieval garb. If you are new to the Society, please contact the Hospitaller - before the event - who can arrange to loan you suitable clothes for the event.

Guilds:  Innilgard is strong in the Guild of Defence (Swordplay), Scribes (calligraphy and illumination), and Brewers.  A full range of guilds in our Kingdom can be found here