Master Snorri Blóðdrekkr ór Óðinslundi

Master Snorri was made a Laurel by King Garick at Closing Court of Rowany Festival in AS XXXII (1999)

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Major Fields: Poetry

Current Apprentices: Lord Declan of Drogheda and Lord Drustin of Skye

Snorri Blóðdrekkr ór Óðinslundi's device

Per chevron sable and Or, three boars passant counterchanged

Current Interests: Literature, Drama, Furniture, Architecture, Textiles, Bone-work, and everything else, especially if it glows when heated in a forge.

Current Group: Ynys Fawr

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Snorri Blóðdrekkr ór Óðinslundi is currently Occasionally Active within the society.