His Excellency Master Stefano da Urbino

Stefano was laurelled on 21 April at Rowany Festival AS XXXVII by King Cornelius and Queen Morwynna.

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His Excellency Master Stefano da Urbino OL, Court Baron of the Kingdom of Lochac, left the indolent lifestyle of an intinerant polymath and courtier in 1494, and became a condotierri, or soldier of fortune, and fought in the many wars between the Italian city-states and France and Spain. He longs to be knighted, but has shown greater prowess as a strategist, tactician and logistician, particularly with provisions, than as a soldier. Alistair Ramsden is a civil servant residing in Featherston, New Zealand, with his wife Mistress Sancha da Sylva OP, and their two children Alexander and Pericles.

Major Fields: Cooking, Feasting

Current Apprentices: none

Past Apprentices: Androu le Greyn

Stefano da Urbino's device

Per chevron Argent and Or, three cartwheels proper

Current Interests: Cooking, feasting, child husbandry, revelry, SCA martial arts, camping, performance arts, games, tent making, carpentry, costume, literature, languages.

Current Group: Darton

Web Page: http://darton.sca.org.nz/library

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Stefano da Urbino is currently Occasionally Active within the society.