Mistress Cairistiona nic Beathain

Laurel given by Uther IV and Portia, on 31 Mar 2002, at Rowany Festival XX including May Crown

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Caristiona resides in the Barony of Rowany in the Kingdom of Rowany in the SCA.

Through my involvement in the SCA I research two main areas of interest- the Anglo Saxon Period and the time of Richard the Third. Within these two areas I like to research about day to day life at all levels of society. However I have a particular interest in medicine, its different forms and the way it has changed over time and the way it was practised during these periods, both formal and by lay practitioners.

My other interests involve spinning, weaving and dyeing and the use of herbs, minerals and animals to create colour for cloth and for illumination in manuscripts.

I currently have no SCA related website however, some of the articles that I have written in the past are available on the Lochac Herb and Garden Guild page at http://sca.org.au/herb/index.html

Major Fields: Herbal Medicine, Period Medicine, Medical Astrology, Anglo Saxon clothing

Current Apprentices: Katherne Risher, Danielis Pyrsokomos, Ælfled æt Otreburne, Josseline de la Cour and Letsolina O dinas Bran

Past Apprentices: Sigurd Trygrason

Cairistiona nic Beathain's device

Vert, a mandrake Or.

Current Interests: Calligraphy and illumination, weaving, spinning, dyeing, Anglo Saxon clothing, herbal medicine, surgery, medicine, Burgundian clothing

Current Group: Rowany

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Cairistiona nic Beathain is currently Active within the society.