Master Bartolomeo Agazzari

Rowany Festival AS XXXVI by Uther and Portia. (March 2002)

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Bartolomeo Agazzari is a late 16th C Italian merchant, living in England under the reign of Elizabeth in order to better administer the family's retail, trade and manufacturing interests. Bartolomeo's informal mottos are 'Looking good is its own reward', closely followed by 'You can never have too many accessories'. He is proud to be the one and only bearer of the title Royal Accessoriser, held during the reign of Prince Aedward and Princess Yolande.
Andrew Reid first joined the SCA in AS XXI in Innilgard, and after about a year dropped out of the SCA, to return about 10 years later in Rowany, making him at that time both a dinosaur and a newcomer. Initially attracted to the SCA by a love of costuming and playing 'dress ups', he has gone on to pursue an interest in illumination, and the manly arts of embroidery, millinery and jewellery making.

Major Fields: Costuming (major), Embroidery (minor)

Current Apprentices:

Bartolomeo Agazzari's device

Sable, a Pomegrante slipped and leaved Or, seeded Gules, on a chief Or, three Cinquefoils Gules

Current Interests: Elizabethan costuming, embroidery, illumination, millinery and jewellery making.

Current Group: Rowany

Bartolomeo Agazzari is currently Active within the society.