Joie Tigre d'Argentona

Elevated at Rowany Festival on the 5th April, 2010 by King Bran & Queen Leylii.

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Major Fields: Jewellery and Fibre/Textiles

Current Apprentices: Baroness Alesia de Cheval Blanc, Lord Subutai of Mordenvale now Ynys Fawr

Tigre d'Argentona's device

Per pale gules and sable, a tyger rampant argent, a bordure rayonny Or.

Current Interests: Jewellery manufacture from enamelling to etching with detours into every other avenue. Professional gemmologist and jewellery valuer. Fibre manipulation ie braiding (fingerlooping, tablet weaving), tapestry weaving, felting, fulling and dyeing. Dabbler of heraldry. Illumination and drawing with a vague attempt at learning calligraphy. Interested in period gardening, singing and woodwork. Finding time to relearn one of the various musical instruments lying around. All things Spanish, Sicilian and Japanese.

Current Group: Politarchopolis

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Tigre d'Argentona is currently Active within the society.