Dame Joan Sutton

Laurel given by AEdward II and Yolande II, on 18 Feb 2006, at St Valentines, Politarchopolis

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Dame Joan lives on one of her husband's manors, near Oxford, England. It is the late fourteenth century, when things have calmed down somewhat from the disruptions of the pestilence. The family is comfortably removed from the bustle and expense of court life. Dame Joan particularly enjoys reading while others do the cleaning and gardening. She likes to plan extensions to the manor, too.

Major Fields: Research, toys

Current Apprentices:

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Argent, a chevron embattled purpure between three crosses of four lozenges vert

Current Interests: Whatever piques my interest. Cooking, education, books of hours, Latin, Anglo-Norman...

Current Group: Politarchopolis

Web Page: http://aelflaed.homemail.com.au

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Joan Sutton is currently Active within the society.