Mistress Nerissa de Saye

Laurelled at Rowany Festival, 16th April 2001, by King Connor and Queen Isa.

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Nerissa de Saye is a lesser noblewoman living in the French countryside near Paris in the 1330's. During her time in the SCA she has reigned in Lochac as Princess, partaken in much madrigal singing, whipped up a few pretty manuscript pages, and generally had a good time. She is currently looking to acquire some keen apprentices, and taking the next steps toward raising the profile of the Scribes Guild within River Haven, Bacchus Woods and St Florian.

Major Fields: Calligraphy and Illumination

Current Apprentices: Lady Katherine Alycia of Sarum

Nerissa de Saye's device

Per pale gules and purpure, between three western crowns or, a unicorn passant regardent argent, armed and crined or

Current Interests: Illuminated manuscripts, pavilion making and decorating, madrigal singing.

Current Group: Drachenwald

Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/viscountess.geo/

Nerissa de Saye is currently Active within the society.