Mistress Roheisa Le Sarjent

23/3/96 John, King and Ceinwen, Queen of Caid

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Roheisa is the daughter of a crusader, taken to Palestine as a child in the mid 12th century. She lives in a large house in Jerusalem and keeps a hunting leopard. Belinda is a generalist who like to dabble in all areas of the SCA. She's an ex-fighter, and senior marshal. She sews, embroiders, paints, has built a pavillion, made armour, cooked feasts, stewarded events,and done a little bit of almost everything.

Major Fields: Calligraphy and Illumination, Costuming research

Current Apprentices:

Past Apprentices: Lorenzo d'Este (formerly Thorkell Kettleson)

Roheisa Le Sarjent's device

Purpure, three scarps enhanced Or, in base a gryphon segreant sustaining a fleur-de-lis Argent

Current Interests: 12th century costuming and reasearch, period pigments, period piracy,and all sorts of other stuff.

Current Group: Southron Gaard

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Roheisa Le Sarjent is currently Active within the society.