Mistress Rohese de Fairhurst

Laurel given 11th Jan, 2003 by the hand of Alfar & Elspeth

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I first discovered the SCA in 1990, but it then took me 18 months to get up the courage to actually attend my first event! ... Meroe Cahill currently lives in Canberra with her husband and two cats. In her spare odd moments she plays recorder and learns ballet.

Major Fields: Textiles (primarily knitting), 13th century Spanish costume

Current Apprentices: Eleanora de la Birche

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Argent ermined azure, issuant from fess two trefoils sable

Current Interests: Lots of stuff! This week it is sprang! And knitting & spinning & making hats & costumes & playing recorder music & dancing & ...

Current Group: Politarchopolis

Rohese de Fairhurst is currently Inactive within the society.