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Standardizing Lochac's List Tree

(2008) For May crown this year the consort arms will be displayed on the list tree along with the arms of the fighter. Because this hasn't been done before, the consort arms (assuming the consort is female) will be displayed on lozenge shaped fields to avoid confusion.

To this end I have overlaid a compatible sized lozenge on the standard size list tree shield PDF

Thanks to Alasdair Muckart | William de Wyke for the update


(2007) A List Tree similar to the one at May Crown will be at November Crown Toruney.

Could those fighters who are going to partcipate please ensure that they bring a list shield bearing their arms.

Please make them to the same size as those used at May Crown i.e the same shape as the shield on the device submission form enlarged to 20cm across the top (120% increase). Template for the shield

- Max thickness 1/4"/7mm (recommend ~3mm whitefaced masonite)

- Drill 8~10mm hole in top/centre, ~8mm from edge of hole to edge of shield


Thanks to William Castille for supplying the details.


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31 March, 2011