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Arrowsreach Archery

Arrowsreach Shire Tournament Day,
20th of July 2008.

Event effectively stewarded by Lord Adrian Neggerstein, Arrowsreach List-Keeper.
No Royalty in Attendance.
Report by Adrian Neggerstein, m.k.a. Timothy Liersch, List Keeper of Arrowsreach.

Archery:  A combination of both Target and Combat Archery.  For target component, archers were required to attempt to strike an amour bag at varying distances.  6 arrows may be loosed at each distance.  For combat component, archers were given six arrows to fire upon their opponent along a straight pitch.  There were four rounds with a final tie breaker, which allowed each archer only three arrows with which to pierce their opponent as many times as possible.

Duration: 35 minutes

Marshal in charge: Everard Sefar
Other Marshals: Thomas Brock & Gilligan O’Parthalan

Principle Herald: Elizabet Hunter
Support Heralds: Drogo von Königsberg

Target Component -
20 yards:
Thomas Brock – 2 hits
Gilligan O’Parthalan – 3 hits
30 yards:
Thomas Brock – 2 hits
Gilligan O’Parthalan – 1 hit
20 yards with bag turned side-on:
Thomas Brock – 1 hit
Gilligan – 3 hits

1st – Gilligan O’Parthalan (7 hits)
2nd – Thomas Brock (5 hits)

Combat Component –
Round One – Won by Thomas Brock
Round Two – Won by Gilligan O’Parthalan
Round Three – Won by Gilligan O’Parthalan
Round Four – Won by Thomas Brock
Tie Breaker:
Thomas Brock – 0 kills
Gilligan O’Parthalan – 2 kills

1st – Gilligan O’Parthalan
2nd – Thomas Brock

As Lord Gilligan won both components, he was declared the overall winner for the day’s archery activities.

Arrowsreach Shire Tournament Day,
12th of April 2008

Held in conjunction with The Battle's End Inn

Event Stewarded by the Honourable Lord Vandelle Lyncea, henchman of King Berengar.

Their Magesties, King Berengar and Queen Bethan of Lochac, present for all events.

Report by Adrian Neggerstein, m.k.a. Timothy Liersch, List Keeper of Arrowsreach.

Archery: Round Robin, single kill. 6 Arrows per quiver.

Duration: 45 minutes
List Keeper: Adrian Neggerstein.

Marshal in charge: Vandelle Lynchea
Other marsals: Margie of Glen More, Gwynfor Lwyd

Principle herald: None
Support heralds: None

Round 1 - Bethan Bye: Gilligan def. Margie, Antoinette def. Berenga,r Thomas def. Roland

Round 2 - Margie Bye: Bethan def. Antoinette, Roland def. Gilligan, Thomas def. Berengar

Round 3 - Antoinette Bye: Margie def. Roland, Bethan def. Thomas, Gilligan def. Berengar

Round 4 - Roland Bye: Thomas def. Antoinette, Margie def. Berengar, Gilligan def. Bethan

Round 5 - Thomas Bye: Roland def. Berengar, Antoinette def. Gilligan, Margie def. Bethan

Round 6 - Berengar Bye: Gilligan def. Thomas, Bethan def. Roland, Margie def. Antoinette

Round 7 - Gilligan Bye: Bethan def. Berengar, Margie def. Thomas, Roland def. Antoinette

1st - Margie of Glen More 5 wins, 1 loss, 1 bye.
2nd - Queen Bethan of Brockwood 4 wins, 2 losses, 1 bye
2nd - Gilligan of St Bartholomew 4 wins, 2 losses, 1 bye
4th - Thomas Brock 3 wins, 3 losses, 1 bye
4th - Roland Ironbeard 3 wins, 3 losses, 1 bye
6th - Antoinette of Arrowsreach 2 wins, 4 losses, 1 bye
7th - King Beregar of Nancy 0 wins, 6 losses, 1 bye


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