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Ildhafn Heavy

Results of Heavy Tourney held at St Catherine's Faire,

Sunday 7th December 2008 at Motu Moana Scout Camp, Auckland.

Tourney was held in Round Robin, Best of Three format.

Lists Officer - Æsa Hrolfsdottir/Wendy Rowsell
Event Steward - Caterine de Vantier/Shannon Wanty
Marshal in Charge - Don Emrys Tudur/Matt Mole
Other Marshal - Tristan d'Avignon/Alex Rossiter
Herald - Benedict Stonehewer of Askerigg/Phil Mason

Number of fighters = 4


1. Sir Inigo Missaglia, W 3, L 0
2. Lord Androu le Greyn, W 2, L 1
3. Master Brian di Caffa, W 1, L 2
4. Lord Svartr Ormsson, W 0, L 3


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31 March, 2011