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Lochac Crown Results


Rose Tourney

Group Name: Barony Innilgard
Lists Officer: Iseldis of Winchester
Mundane Name: Shona Klocke
Date: 09/11/08

Type of Tourney: Mellee + Challenge
Event Steward: Nicolette de Coulours
Marshal in Charge: Hugh de Beaufort
Other Marshals:
Heralds: Fionghuine MacCoinnich, Sciothniamh of Arran, Drogo

Royalty Present: King Siridean and Queen Siban, Prince Thiudareich and Princess Engelin

Number of Fighters in Tournament: 17
Time Taken for Tournament (in minutes): ~120

Other Notes:

Winner, Hanbal Reis al Barbary, was chosen by the Queen rather than determined by results. List of names of participants only. 

Tournament Details 

Yevan de Leeds
Berenger of Nancy
Kyle of Hellmorloch
Rodrigo of Abbortsford
Collette de Harcourt
Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Wulfgar Jarnsita
Garshta Pazyrykni
Gillet de York
Niall inn Orkneyski
Eva von Danzig
Cornelius von Becke
Felix Arnett
Theodorik Batavii
Phillippe du Luc
Steffan Glaube 

Unoffical report of May Crown (2008)

Here are the results for each round. Unfortunately I don't have the full names and titles of all the entrants or their consorts

Round 1:
Callum def Artemisia
Blayney def Bartholomew
Siridean def Stefano
Miles def William
Rudiger def Bran
Ulrich had the bye
It should be noted that this was Ulrich's first tourney (ever, not just first Crown Tourney) and in the bye as his first "bout", he defeated Count Sir Veniamen.

Round 2:
Blayney def Ulrich
Miles def Rudiger
Callum def Stefano
Siridean def Bartholomew
Bran def William
Artemisia had the bye

Eliminated: Bartholomew, Stefano, William

Round 3:
Blayney def Rudiger
Siridean def Artemisia
Bran def Ulrich
Miles def Callum

Eliminated: Rudiger, Artemisia, Ulrich

Round 4:
Miles def Blayney
Siridean def Callum
Bran had the bye

Eliminated: Callum

Round 5:
Siridean def Blayney
Bran def Miles

Eliminated: Blayney

Round 6 (Semi Final):
Siridean def Bran
Miles had the bye

Eliminated: Bran

Siridean won the first two bouts and was declared victor.

Wreath of Valour went to Ulrich
Wreath of Chivalry went to Bran

Artemisia da Quieto d'Arzenta (reproduced from a posting on Lochac shambles)

Crown Tourney

Date of Event: 12/05/2007
Submitted by Sraphina Le Dauncer

Event Type: Single Kill Single Elimination
Royalty Present: King Alfar and Queen Gundren

Number of Fighters in Tourney: 17
Time Taken for Tourney:


  • Sir Aedward Staedfaste - Bouts won 3, lost , drawn  to place
  • Sir Asbjorn Penderson Marsuin - Bouts won 1, lost , drawn  to place
  • Gwynfor Lwyd - Bouts won 1, lost , drawn  to place
  • Bartholemew Baskin - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Adam The Renegade - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Cormac Lenehan - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Bleddyn Ap Gyver - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Styvyn Longshanks - Bouts won 1, lost , drawn  to place
  • Ranardine de Clifford - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Miles dfe Colwell - Bouts won 2, lost , drawn  to place
  • Sir Philipe du Lac - Bouts won 1, lost , drawn  to place
  • Bran Torc Dubh Mac Brude - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Sir Hugh the Little - Bouts won 4, lost , drawn  to place
  • Therasa Comings - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Steffan Glaube - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Guy L'Bastarde - Bouts won 0, lost , drawn  to place
  • Hrothgar aet Gytingbooce - Bouts won 2, lost , drawn  to place

Other Notes:

  • Wreath of Valor  awarded to Miles de Colwell.
  • Wreath of Chivalry to Adam The Renegade
  • Tourney Victor  Sir Hugh The Little

Aedward Steadfaste withdrew in Semi Final due to a hyperextended elbow.



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