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Stowe-on-the-Wowld List Keepers Report May 2009

The following heavy tourneys have been held in the Canton of Stowe-in-the-Wowld over the last 6 months. 

For all the Lists Officer was Elysant de Montrose (Corinna Horrigan) and the Marshall in Charge was Jon Dai of the Lane. Other marshals that were predent were Sihtric Silfror and Alfgeirr Agnesson 


Monthly Tourney

Pas d’Armes

7 fighter took part.

Jon Dai of the Lane and Stevin Longshanks were individually challenged by the other fighters. 

Place Fighter
1 Jon Dai of the Lane
2 Styvyn Longshanks
3 Sihtric Silfror
4 Assar
5 Leinad
6 Cynewulf
7 Jim


Monthly Tourney and Stowe Championship

Round Robin between the candidates with the top two to fight Jon Dai and Styvyn Longshanks.

5 fighters 

Place Fighter
1 Cynewulf
2 Jim
3 Asarr
na Jon Dai
n Stevin Longshanks


Monthly Tourney

Round Robin with top 2 fighting best of three.

5 fighters 

Place Fighter
1 Jon Dai
2 Cynewulf
3 Jim
4 Asarr (equal)
4 Ellen (equal)


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