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Innilgard Rapier

Lists Officer: Iseldis of Winchester

Mundane Name: Shona Klocke

Name of Event: Baron's Bash (rapier)

Date: 24/01/2009

Type of Tourney: Round robin, best of 3

Event Steward: Aylwin Greymane

Marshal in Charge:

Other Marshals:

Heralds: Fionghuine MacCoinnich

Royalty Present: None

Number of Fighters in Tournament: 5

Time Taken for Tournament : ~45 minutes

When the results came in as a tie between Aldwin and William, a tiebreaker was fought, which was won by Aldwin Seguin. 

Tournament Details

Placing: Combatant Name, Bouts Won Lost, Draw

1 Aldwin Seguin 3 1  
2 William de Blackwood 3 1  
3 Aylwin Greymane 2 2  
4 Edine Godin 1 3  
5 Rose verch Gryffyth 0 4  


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