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Lochac List Tree Shield Specifications

Useful bits for running of lists

I have put up what I have, while there are many repeats, different people like different formats. If you have other, let me know and I will put them up also.

Spreadsheets for Tourney Tree Double Elimination 8 to 32 combatants(.xls)

Spreadsheets for Round Robins (.xls)

Johan's Book of Lists (.pdf)

Gathered bits of William Castille

2 x challenge tourney tree (.xls)

2 x tourney tree (.xls)

bowling tourney sheets (.xls)

blank chart (.xls)

Double Elimination Trees: 8_fighters, 9_fighters, 10_fighters, 16_fighters, 25_fighters, 32_fighters (all .pdf)

Magic Tourney Blank (.pdf)

Copy The Handbook For the Office of the Minister of the Lists, Kingdom of Atlanta, June 1st, 2006 A.S. XLI (.pdf)

Copy of Northshield's Documentation: Challenge round single kill double elimination tree, Standard single kill double elimination tree, Tourney Time (all .xls)

Copy of Northshield's Cheat Sheets: How to run a tourney list, Tourney styles, Tourney times (all .doc)

Round Robin Pairing (.xls)

Round Robin Pairing and Unpaired (.xls)

Round Robin Score Sheet (.pdf)

Single Kill Double Elimination Sheet for 16 (.xls)

Squire Cadet Format, instructions and sheets (.xls)

Tourney Styles Descriptions (.doc)

Tourney Estimated Times by Type of Tourney (.xls)

Consolidated Tournament Trees, Prepared by Tamara Tysjachyvolosova (.pdf)

Round Robin Tournament Trees, Prepared by Tamara Tysjachyvolosova (.pdf)

Simple WIn Loss Chart (.xls)


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31 March, 2011