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List Keeper Reports a.s. 42

A.S. 42 ----- A.S. 43

Group Heavy Results Rapier Results

WA South of Perth

Agaricus - Shire
NSW S and SW Sydney
Aneala - Barony
28/02/2008 Barony of Aneala Report
28/02/2008 Barony of Aneala Report
Arrowsreach - Shire
VIC NE Melbourne

12/04/2008 Arrowsreach April Shire Day
09/03/2008 Arrowsreach March Shire Tournament Day
17/02/2008 Arrowsreach Shire Tournament Day, February
08/10/2007 Monday Night Tourney Series 2
10/09/2007 Monday Night Tourney Series 2 (practise)
13/08/2007 Monday Night Tourney Series 2
14/05/2007 Practice Tourney

12/04/2008 Arrowsreach April Shire Day
09/03/2008 Arrowsreach March Shire Tournament Day
17/02/2008 Arrowsreach Shire Tournament Day, February
Monthly Tournament
Monthly Tournament
18/07/2007 Rapier Meat Grinder & Final Melee
21/05/2007 Practise Tourney

Bacchus Wood - Shire
QLD Loganlea
Blessed Herman the Cripple - Uni Innilgard
SA Adelaide
Boesenberg - Shire
Bordescros - Shire
NSW Albury

24/02/2008 Border War X - Fighter Auction
Yuletide Tourney & Feast
November - no tournment
20/10/2007 October Monthly Bash including A Royal Visit
08/09/2007 September Monthly Bash

QLD Bundaberg
VIC Ballarat/Bendigo
Castellum Montanum
QLD Toowoomba
Cluain - Canton
NZ Waikato
Colles Ardorum (Adora)- Shire
NSW Illawarra
02/12/07 December Report  
Darton - Shire
NZn Wellington
Dismal Fogs - Shire
NSW Blue Mountains
Draks Fjord - Canton Riverhaven
QLD Redcliffe
Ildhafn - Barony
NZn Auckland
Innilgard - Barony
Krae Glas - Shire
VIC SE Melbourne
15/02/2008 Summer Twilight Tourney Series 3.4
18/01/2008 Summer Twilight Tourney Series 3.3
121/12/2007 Summer Twilight Tourney Series 3.2
16/11/2007 Summer Twilight Tourney Series 3.1
Tournament of Ivy
Lochac - Kingdom

12/05/2007 May Crown
November Crown 2007 (no results provided to lists)

11/2008 Rapier Tournament
13/05/2007 May Crown
Mordenvale - Barony
NSW Newcastle
18/11/2007 Tourney and Market (pdf)  
Politarchopolis - Barony
Radburne - Household Rowany
NSW Dubbo

20/04/2008 2nd Anniversary Tourney
12/08/2007 Radbourne War 1
1st Anniversary

28/04/2007 1st Anniversary
River Haven - Barony
QLD Brisbane
Rowany - Barony
NSW Sydney
Southron Gaard - Barony
NZs Christchurch
St Aldhelms - Uni Politarchopolis
ACT Aust National Uni
St Bartholomew - Uni Stormhold
VIC Uni of Melbourne
St Basil the Great - Uni Aneala
WA Uni of WA
St Crispin - Uni Mordenvale
NSW Newcastle
St Florian de la Riviere - Barony
QLD Sth Brisbane

27/08/2007 The Battle of Buttony Cross
St Florians Baronial Championship
Early- 2007 Knights of the North Pas d'Armes

St Gildas - Uni Ynys Fawr
TAS Uni of Tas
St Kessog - Uni Southron Gaard
NZs Uni of Otago, Dunedin
St Malachy - Uni
NSW Uni of Wollongong
St Monica - Uni Krae Glas
VIC Monash Uni
St Ursula - Uni Rowany
NSW Uni of Sydney
Stormhold - Barony
VIC Melbourne

02/03/2008 March Monthly Bash
03/02/2008 February Monthly Bash
01/12/2007 William Marshall
Memorial to Tyr, Romsey Tournament
01/10/2007 October Monthly Bash
September Monthly Bash
03/06/2007 June Monthly Bash
06/05/2007 May Monthly Bash

03/02/2008 February Monlthy Bash
01/10/2007 Rapier Tournement

Stowe on the Wowld
NSW W Sydney
Torlyon - Shire
NSW Yass
Torlyon has not held any tournaments for a couple of years, except theatrical ones at demonstrations which they do not want recorded. This is unlikely to change in the near future.
Willoughby Vale
QLD Ipswich
Ynys Fawr - Barony

16/02/2008 Baronesses Birthday Tournaments
22/09/2007 Hunt Weekend
Oestmark Spring Training Tournament
27/08/2007 Royal Visit Tournament
02/06/2007 Baronial Investiture Pas D' Armes Tournament
Early- 2007




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