The Tale of the Second Crown Tourney of the Kingdom of Lochac

Firstly, thank you to the Barony of Innilgard for hosting such a wonderful event! The sward was verily green, the accommodation pleasant, the food magnificent and the hosts even more charming, friendly and enthusiastic than Innilgarders are justly known for being.

Saturday's weather was mild in temperature, and windy. A couple of brief showers were interspersed by sun. The lightning storm as we drove in on Friday night (aka wee small hours of Saturday morning) was spectacular, and portentious. The list was made up of 21 who would do honour to their consorts and the Kingdom. Their Majesties determined that the format would be that the whole tournament would be double elimination, so there would be no "best of three" final as such. The fighters would go until but one had not fallen twice in valiant combat.

The 6th round saw but four fighters remaining. Lord Eric Allard, fighting for Mistress Aesla and Baron Gwynfor Lwyd, fighting for Baroness Gwir verch Madog fought first, each having sustained a loss prior. Lord Eric fought fiercely, and did Her Excellency and his Barony great honour, but fell a second time. Lord Sui Zo, fighting for Countess Portia and Viscount Sir Cornelius von Beck, fighting for Viscountess Morwynna fought the next bout. The blows fell hard and fast as each sought to find a gap in the other's defence, but at last Lord Sui emerged as the victor. This left Sir Cornelius, Sui and Gwynfor with one loss each, and Their Majesties did seek counsel. They resolved that Gwynfor should meet Sir Cornelius, and the victor would meet Lord Sui in the final. Sir Cornelius's puissance was magnificent, and Gwynfor was felled by a mighty blow to the top of his helm, leaving His Excellency to meet Lord Sui in the final bout of the day.

Heralds preceded the finalists and introduced them to the populace that all may know these two fine warriors. His Majesty proffered words of wisdom to the two as they stood on the field, surrounded by the Chivalry, and watched by the eager eyes of the populace. The salutes were made, the marshal's staffs clashed, and the meeting of arms commenced. Each sought to establish position, and their ideal range in the initial phases. Sir Cornelius fought with sword and shield, and Lord Sui with his accustomed two swords. One pass was made, and weapons clanged off swift defences. A second pass was made, and then a third. Finally, as all watched in admiration at the skills displayed by the two worthy finalists there was a rapid exchange of blows, and Lord Sui slowly crumpled to the grass, leaving Sir Cornelius alone, in victory, upon the sward.

Long live the King & Queen of Lochac, Alfar and Elspeth. Long live the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Lochac, Cornelius and Morwynna.

YiS Gwynfor Lwyd, OP, Baron Stormhold