Richard and Alarice
Baron and Baroness of Rowany

9 December AS XXXII

The following is an outline of feedback obtained during a Baronial meeting held on 3 December 1996, at which Lochac's possible elevation to Kingdom status was discussed. Because there was much other business of a local nature to be discussed on this evening, the meeting lasted only a half hour, and unfortunately many of the issues raised could not be fully explored. However, since the deadline for feedback was 31/12/96, we have decided to give you the information we have so far gleaned.

Present at the meeting were 13 members. Almost all were long term members, four were peers, two were royal peers. It could not be said that the views of the newer generation were well represented at this meeting. In addition, the views of a couple of other members not present at the meeting (but which were consistent with those reported below) was also received verbally during the Yule Feast on 30/11/96.

Therefore, in conclusion, there was support for a move to Kingdom, at least within five years, and probably much sooner. Generally speaking, there was some caution about the move to Kingdom in that most preferred to see the laws (or at least a skeleton of laws) before voting in a poll. There was strong support to move away from the concept of absolute power. There was a feeling that the processes and options involved were not generally well understood. Almost all agreed that the process should begin now.

We hope that we have reflected the views of the meeting impartially and accurately, and we trust that this is the type of feedback you were seeking. We would be happy to obtain further, more specific information, if it is required.

Yours in Service

Baron and Baroness of Rowany