On the Issues Concerning the advancement to Kingdom
of the Kingdom of Lochac - Yes or No?

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Ulfrikr inn Hrafn (Dirk Schmitt)(Proposed Shire - Richmond/Penrith/Blacktown)

Heilsa, First may I say this, I will be most interested to see what Januarys' Pegasus holds for us. But until then I will have a stab at the whys and wherefores that I believe are a part of going Kingdom.

Much of my opinion on the matter comes as a part of having dealt a lot with persons who have been in the SCA for many many years and picking up on undercurrents and opinions through having these contacts. Indeed the person who I first met in the SCA is Llewen, so I ended up in contact with a fair number of the "old farts" as they are want to be called.

My personal emotive thinking on the issue is - Yes to Kingdom. Don't ask my emotive side to come up with an answer as to why, it just thinks that way. As to my more rational being, well, there we have a completely different kettle of fish

. 1. Kingdom - Natural Progression? The process of movement of a group through stages seems to be a natural one and one which the society is inclined to. From Canton, to Shire, to Barony, to Kingdom , to Kingdom. The SCA has this for of progression built into its structure and so in a way it is natural for progression along the line. But then, do we need progression for its own sake? Well, no. Indeed, a group may be big enough to go Barony but remain a Shire, a Barony may be able to become a Kingdom but stay a Barony and a Kingdom whilst being big enough for Kingdom can stay a Kingdom . There is no real pressure to move up the ladder. If you want to stay at a stage there is no-one who can come along and say - hey, you lot, you need to move along to the next rung!

2. Administration - For better or worse? Any group is only as good as its' administration system. A poorly administered Kingdom would have probably been a poorly administered Kingdom . Just because you meet the requirements to go Kingdom doesn't mean you have a squeaky clean administration. Fact of the matter is that going to Kingdom may provide sufficient impetus to get the administrative side of things smoother but then again this may not happen at all. One hopes it does. The only other real change to the administration is the removal of one link in the admin chain. Being that this link is across the Pacific it WILL make a difference both financially and in speed of contact. Yes we can use electronic means these days for a lot of things but we still use the paper chase for a large amount of activity and this will only get faster.

3. Populace - Impact on us? What does this mean for you and I in our local group and how we deal with the SCA? Firstly we have local regents who we will probably see as often as we currently see our Prince and Princess. Ok, some have stated that the "mystery and magic" of the Crown will diminish because the K & Q will be more accessible. But then invariably it means we can have greater input and direct communication with the Crown. In other words, if you want to just go up to your K & Q and say "Gudday" (Very politely of course) you can. Whilst I am sure you could call up the K & Q of the West to say "Gudday", what would you speak about? And would you be willing to pay the long distance call charges just to do this. I think not.

Would we lose all contact with the West? Some would and some wouldn't. Lets face it, many people hold very strong ties to the West and those ties will probably bind till the end of their days. Would we have it any other way? Would we demand you sever ties? In short, No. Why? What purpose would such severance serve except to annoy some of our most valuable people. Would we never see a K & Q of the West again. I think not. Indeed I believe that we would probably see a K & Q of the West here about once a year. Sure, it would taper off over time. But then Lochac as Kingdom would begin to grow it's own traditions and the visitations from our Progenitors would become less expected. Indeed in a way such a growth would see the mystique of the K & Q of the West and any other K & Q from any other Kingdom grow. To see such only once every couple of years would make it a much more momentous occasion than it already is when they come to our fair shores.

These are the areas I see as of most significance. All other discussions and asides are just that. We should not worry about the Southern Kingdom and other "models". Can we just keep focused on the event at hand. That of Kingdom Poll. Once it is over then we can go on with the "What Now?" And remember, just because we get a majority saying "let's go Kingdom" doesn't mean it will happen over night. Yes it will happen but there is A LOT of work involved. Ask not what your Kingdom can do for you, ask what you can do for your Kingdom! It is we who will be the Kingdom, it is we who make Lochac what it is. If you remain silent, then all I can say is - enjoy the ride, and please don't whine that you didn't get what you wanted. You would only have yourself to blame.

Roll on January Pegasus. Also check out the Lochac web pages on Kingdom. Inform yourself. Don't expect others to do it for you. If you don't understand something - ASK! And most of all, have YOUR say.

Written and authorised by Ulfrikr inn Hrafn for the "Let Vikingr Dominate the World Party" (Much clichéd evil laughter). Well I had to lighten the mood somehow




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