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Proposed Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac

Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac

This is the first draft alpha release test version of the proposed Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac. We are after extensive public comment on these laws. There are also probably typos and other errors that we need to get fixed.

Some of the major changes from current Lochac Law include the following. We particularly want comments as to whether you think these changes are good or bad:

* Changed references from "Principality" to "Kingdom", "Coronet" to "Crown", etc.

* Added some stuff to allow for provisional laws, privy council, and overturning unpopular laws.

* The section about Crown Tournaments was expanded to allow for champions in Tournaments, also to allow for 12th C style melee tournaments.

* Combined the Minister of Arts and the Minister of Sciences into one office.

* Resurrected Fencing (yay!) and allowed for a "Master of Fence". Changed "Principality Archer" to "Master of Archery" and allowed for a "Master of Tournaments". This allows the Earl Marshal to separate the roles of heavy, archery, and fencing combat into separate sub-offices, and to take control of any of these offices that he or she chooses and delegate the others, rather than assuming that the Earl Marshal is a heavy combat person. For example the Earl Marshal could be a fencing expert and delegate the heavy combat side of the job to a Master of Tournaments, and act as a paperwork/collating office as well.

* Deleted "Hospitaller". It is important that there are hospitallers at a local level but not at a Kingdom level.

* Brought the Lochac financial reporting requirements into step with the SCA Inc reporting requirements.

* Deleted everything to do with Awards. Alarice and her group will be providing Article VI.

* Added a section on "Privy Council" explaining how this will work.

We welcome comments regarding these laws by e-mail or by post. Address comments to: "the Laws Committee" at PO Box 526 Unley SA 5061, or by e-mail to laws@sca.org.au.

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