On the Issues Concerning the advancement to Kingdom
of the Kingdom of Lochac - Yes or No?

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Questions forwarded from the Shire of Dismal Fogs. The replies are by Stephen Aldred of Rocklea.

Qa. Although (I assume) we have the required population of members to acquire Kingdom status, what would happen if the population of the Lochac were to fall below this limit after advancing to Kingdom? What is the population of Lochac anyhow?

A. The corpora requires 400 contributing/sustaining members for Kingdom status. The population of Lochac is currently 420+ contributing and sustaining members and a further 200+ Family and associate members. This number fluctuates slightly month by month, but we have for some time now maintained the necessary 400 contributing and sustaining members. If we were to fall below this limit the SCA Bod would give us an opportunity to amend the situation before taking any action. Changing status of a group is not done lightly, either to advance or to remove status - I have never heard of a Kingdom being returned to Kingdom status and think it highly unlikely that we would end in that situation.

b. How will the status of Lochac in mundane law be affected?

Not at all. Kingdom status is an "in game issue" that has no impact in the mundane world.

Will Kingdom office bearers have more responsibility (and liability) under the mundane law?'

No. Our reporting will still be required to the SCA A committee and the SCA Bod. Our mundane responsibilities are handled by the SCA A committee, that won't change.

c. What effect will the change have on ordinary citizens of Lochac?

There will be a higher visibility of the Crown in Lochac. The current presence of the Coronet would be replaced by the Crown. With the additional advantage of having a Crown Prince and Princess on completion of the Crown Tournament.

What will we have as a Kingdom that we don't have now?

A King and Queen, a Crown Prince and Princess, our own set of Awards (including armigerous awards which we do not have as a Kingdom ), our own set of Kingdom Laws, our own set of Combat standards, better access to and autonomy of decision making within Lochac and (last but not least) a Crown that is solely concerned with and with a knowledge of Lochac. Also our Fealty would be to and from a Crown within Lochac. The list goes on......

d. Under rule by a King and Queen, is there any place for a Prince and Princess?

Yes. There will be a Crown Prince and Princess on completion of the Crown Tournament and as Lochac grows there will be the opportunity for areas to become Kingdoms and have their own Prince and Princess. Just as Lochac currently is to the West, except our lines of communication would be shorter - ie less distance (Mostly) and less of an issue with time zones. Kingdom replaces the Prince and Princess (the Coronet) with a King and Queen (the Crown).

e. When will it all happen?

As outlined in the Kingdom poll supplement - I believe the entire process would take (at worst case) 2 years from the close of the Kingdom Poll.

f. How many citizens of Lochac are required to vote before a petition for Kingdom can be presented

A majority of the sustaining and contributing members, with a majority in favour.

g. Are there any information packages available on the move to Kingdom status?

The requirements are laid out in Corpora and the relevant sections of that were included in the Lochac Kingdom Poll supplement. These conditions are quite clear and relatively simple. They're basically the same as advancing a Shire to a Barony, or an area to a Kingdom .

We need more than personal opinions stated in the for and against cases we have seen so far, we need some hard facts!

This is a game we play, called the SCA. What we do in Lochac is different from what is done in the Central West and what is done in other Kingdoms. We have developed a culture of our own, which by becoming a Kingdom could be further expressed through the development of our own ceremonies and structures. There are few "facts" as the advancement to Kingdom Status is a "game issue".

Basically Lochac would formally become a self administering unit within the SCA game. Our authority to administer laws and issue awards would be fully vested within Lochac, rather than subject to our current Crowns in California.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but we have strongly developed traditions and peerage councils of size and quality.

By administering laws I mean that we would be able to decide for ourselves what our body of laws contained. Our Crown would have authority over the Lochac Kingdom awards which includes the right to give and grant any and all awards. Currently a large part of this power is required to be vested in the Coronet of Lochac by the West Crown each reign. Our peergage councils would no longer be required to have their decisions ratified by the West Kingdom peerage councils. Decisions for Lochac made within Lochac!

The real question to ask is are we (Lochac) ready and able to administer ourselves? We have the numbers; We have somewhere in the region of 100 peers; As a Kingdom we already have the same set of officers required for a Kingdom; Our Coronets take action as needed to ensure that Offices are filled and requirements adhered to; There are enough cultural and activity differences (garb, rapier, archery etc) between Lochac and the Central West that we already have a separate and unique SCA identity; and The movement to Kingdom would formalise something that has largely been a reality for some years now.

h. We suggest a separate Q&A column on the Lochac Kingdom web site!

Well here it is!




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