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Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook

June 25, 2007: : The new Kingdom of Lochac Fighters Handbook has been released. This supplants all previous revisions of the KOLCH and will be effective from Monday the 25th of June 2007. This is the fighters' handbook only, not the whole KOlCH. The revised marshals handbook is still being worked on and will be released along with the fighters handbook as a combined KOLCH as soon as it is ready. This is an entirely new handbook, not just a revision of the previous KOLCH and there are a significant number of changes from the previous version as well as an entirely new format. Please take the time to read and become familiar with it. Plumed participants (lights) have until August 1st 2008 to come into compliance with minimum legal heavy armour standards. All other standards, including other changes to the in these rules come into effect from Monday the 25th of June 2007. Please send feedback on the document and/or the rules to kolch@sca.org.au. This book is not carved in stone. It is intended to be a living document and updates will be published as and when necessary. When minor updates are released the minor version number will be bumped e.g., from 2.0 to 2.1. A major revision (e.g., 2.4 up to 3.0) will be released every two years or every major revision of the society rules, whichever comes first. So that people with printed copies don't have to print the whole thing again when minor changes are made, in addition to being incorporated into the book an errata sheet will be updated containing all changes from the last major revision. - Lord William de Wyke

Current Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook

Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook - A4 PDF * Note this does not replace the entire KOLCH the marshal section is still being completed. An a5 version may be made available in the future once the marshal section is added..

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