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Armoured Combat

SCA Marshals' Handbook (Available as Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file only)
Other Society-level documents

Combat Archery and Thrown Weapons

SCA Target Archery Rules (.PDF file)
SCA Thrown-Weapons Rules - Non-Combat. (.PDF file)

Target Archery Marshal (Range-master) authorisation requirements: To be authorised as a Target Archery Marshal, a candidate should demonstrate knowledge of checking equipment safety and the ability to safely run a target archery line and be familiar with the Target Archery rules in the document above.
It is helpful but not essential that they have an understanding of how to conduct an IKAC round, including the rules for scoring this competition.
The only other authorisation pre-requisites are a current membership and being aged 18 or over. Authorisations may be conducted by a Senior or Light Marshal.
Note: A Senior or Light marshal may act as range-master without requiring a separate Target Archery Marshal authorisation.

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Siege Warfare

SCA Siege Warfare Rules 2006 (.PDF file)

SCA Siege Warfare Update 2008 (.PDF file)


SCA Society Equestrian Page (.PDF file)

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