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This timeline, unless otherwise credited, is taken from a document in the Lochac Historian's records titled "A Timeline for Lochac".[1]

1981: July

The third issue of Runes is published and the first feast has been held in the interim 4 months. The "Kingdom of Cumberland" has been introduced to dance and Jim Noon [aka James the Sinister] is the second King of Cumberland. A Championship Tournament is planned for August. The first use of Alternate Names occurs including Rowan Perigrynne, Hrolf Halfdan (later Herjolfsson), James the Sinister, Robert of Starmount.

1981: August

SCMA members attending Australia's first fantasy convention, "Tolkon", decide to join the wide world of the SCA. We decide (in a streak of romanticism and lack of knowledge of our second naming solecism) that Australia is to be called the Barony of Outremer, looking to Caid. Rowan is named Baroness Outremer. Brian Breheny had visited the States and brought back reports of attending events there.

1981: October

Runes #4 contains a "large list of officers" [quoted from Mistress Rowan]. Regular meetings are occurring in Marrickville, NSW. This is the first baronial issue of Runes. Research reports are published and the group is well established.

1982: January

On the Australia Day weekend, the SCA holds a multi-day event at Fairholme Park near Wilton. This was later to become the site of the Rowany Festival and was held originally in what later came to be the site of the Festival Car park. Among those fighters present there were a couple of motorbike helms and five sets of armour (Torg, James, Hrolf and two general sets).

1982: April

Runes #5 is published as the "Newsletter of the Barony of Outremer" and it is announced that it will now become a bimonthly publication. There are 11 Officers listed of which 7 are still members of the SCA over 20 years later, although some of the names have changed along the way.

There are fortnightly meetings held at Narwee Scout Hall for fighting, A&S, dancing, music etc. Council meetings are held in Balmain on alternate Saturdays and it is here that much of the policy of the SCA in Australia is established. Armour construction takes place at the house of Torg o'Hawkhurst on the Sundays not taken up with the regular meetings. A long weekend event is planned for the Queen's Birthday weekend over June 12-14.

"News from overseas" in this issue states that there is a great increase in the amount of contact between Outremer and the rest of the Known World. The Caidan Seneschal had been in touch, requesting further information regarding status, knowledge and intent of the group. The members of the council of Outremer are now overseas members of the SCA. The first persona history in Outremer and also the first filk in Outremer is published.

Oh Grazing Mace (A Song for Fighters)


Oh grazing mace,
How sweet the sound,
That staved a wretch like thee.
I once was least, but now am crowned
'Twas squire but now I'm free
Verse One

'Twas a mace that taught thy heart to fear.
A mace my fears relieved.
How vicious did that mace appear,
When Sir it first did cleave.
Verse Two

Tho' many tourneys, moils and wars,
I have already fought
A mace has brought me safe thus far,
To win is all I've sought.
Verse Three

Well I have fought a thousand fights,
And won more than my share.
I'll smite the sword and buckler men,
And win the ladies fair.
(Repeat Chorus)


  1. A Timeline for Lochac, possibly written by Raymond of Anan (unconfirmed).
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