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This timeline, unless otherwise credited, is taken from a document in the Lochac Historian's records titled "A Timeline for Lochac".[1]

1982: June

Runes #6 is published. The regnum contains the first listing of a non-native grown king and queen: Gregory of York and Arianyn du Penryn of San Diego (Caid). Thirteen other officers are listed. This issue also delineates problems arising from the size of the area of Australia and administration of one or several groups within that area.

A 'barony is a largish but coherent group of people, and cannot function on a continental scale'; the name Outremer contravenes SCA naming laws; and that any territorial device must have a laurel wreath on it. The current device did not have one. It was proposed that Australia become a REGION (a protectorate of Caid) with a regional seneschal and herald to co-ordinate the region's activities; that a new name be sought for the region to comply with SCA naming policy; that a new name be chosen for the Sydney area and that the necessary changes be made to the Outremer device and a new device be chosen for the Sydney region.

A petition had already been sent to Caid requesting that the group become part of that kingdom and the SCA but that above problems had arisen since that time and no confirmation had been received. A NEW petition was to be drawn up as a result of the referendum, finalised at the three day event held at Fairholme Park in June, and the Emissaries- Cordwainer Christia Barrett, Artos Barefoot and Rowan Perigrynne would take it to the Known World in August to Caid and other interested kingdoms on a "Kingdom Shopping Expedition" This issue also contained the announcement of the birth of the first SCA Baby in Outremer [Lochac] to Mehitabel and Thomas du Chat, a son, James Warren du Chat.

A long event is held at Fairholme Park. "Lochac" is adopted as the name for Australia-as-a-whole and the name of "Rowany" is given to the Sydney portion of Lochac after beating "Mont d'Azure", "Perigrynne", "Rowanfeld", and "Maletur". This was the first event that we had fighters who were using steel helms. The first "Little Rock War" was held. The first Rowany Festival was autocratted by Artos Barefoot and was held in what was to become the car park in later Rowany Festivals at that site. It was noted for the unveiling of our first (two) metal helms and the first Little Rock War. The report on this event (by Sylivia de l'Estoile) makes it quite clear that a major tradition was first established at this event. It rained. Heavily. By the way, as trivia, who had the first name and device passed in Lochac? (Beatrice Delfini)

The Little Rock War

At the first event at the site of what would later be the Rowany Festival, in June 1982, those present all decided that we wanted to have a war. We knew that we wouldn't be able to have a real war for years as a war requires two sides and enough fighters. We only had the group that we had just decided to call Rowany and a small starting group in Aneala. The distance between seemed a little daunting to the concept of an inter-group war and anyway we only had two metal and four motorbike helms for about ten fighters. If we waited to have enough equipment and people for a proper war, we felt that we would be waiting for ten years at least.

If we could not have a real war then we decided to have a practice one, a little war. The next problem was, what would we fight over? We threw aside the obvious choices of grounds for combat such as coffee, because the sky was blue et al as being too silly. It turned out that Rowan had with her a large wooden box that she was using to hold her feasting gear and clothes. She volunteered this as an item to be fought over. It was to be filled with valuable and precious rocks, a plentiful local commodity, and fought over. Who would fight? Well, we only had six helms so this gave us an upper limit even though we had more than six who wanted to take part. Obviously the captains wore the two metal helms that belonged to Torg and myself. If they selected their teams in the time-honoured practice of I choose one, you choose one, this would still leave people who wanted to do something and whom we could not armour.

We went on to think that perhaps some of the people could carry the box. Become box-bearers! Not to be hit, but only be slain by the words "Bearer you are slain" whenever they were in weapons range of the opposition. What a good idea, everyone who wanted to take part could. Volunteer bearers were obtained, teams were selected and the colours chosen by the simple fact that we had enough red and green things lying around to tie onto people to identify them. The combats took place and the green team won 2:1.

For the record, the first sides in this War were:

Green: Torg of Hawkhurst(captain), Reynardine of Tara (as he then was), Lleu ap Macsen. bearers; William de la Montaigne-Coupe and another (unrecorded)

Red: Raymond(captain), Reinhardt Fenring, Mareddud Goch. Bearers; Hrölf Herjölfssen, Lindorie of Byrnmyrthyn.

1982: Baldur's Eve (mid-winter)

Rowany instituted the first Baronial Awards in Lochac. These were the first awards, of any sort, that had been handed out in Lochac and, at the time meant as much to us as Leaves would have.

The recipients for the Order of the Golden Staple (a service award) were Cordwainer Christia Barrett, Hrölf Herjölfssen and Selivia de L'Estoile. For the Frantic Falcon (for autocratting above and beyond the call of duty) the recipients were Oriole of the Heights and Alexious Thrakeses.

The first Order of the Leaf of Merit was awarded to Steveg Stevegson. Note that Lochac must be unique in first having a Leaf, then a Peerage and only then having Awards of Arms.

1982: August

Rowan Perigrynne, Artos Barefoot and Cordwainer Christia Barrett go to the Greater Known World on the Kingdom Shopping Expedition and to petition for us to become a Region (probably of Caid). Australia gains its first Peerage. Rowan Perigrynne is made a Companion of the Order of the Pelican whilst she is in America.

1982: October/November

RUNES #8 is published. The REGNUM contains the information for the Region of Lochac (proposed Seneschal: Rowan Perigrynne, proposed Herald: Hrolf Herjolfsson). The region is divided into the Barony of Rowany and Aneala Scir (Perth) and a regnum exists for each group. This edition of Runes is produced while Rowan, Christia and Artos are in the Greater Known World. 13 fighters appear in the 'hit list'.

1982: December

RUNES #9 is published. The formation of the Incipient Shire of Igglenard (hic) Innilgard is announced and listed in the Regnum. Seneschal is Bryony of the Bees, the Herald is Danny Bartel (no name chosen yet) and Lists goes to a young lad called Toby Slythe (now known as Tovye Woolemongere). A flyer for the first Rowany Festival to be held over the Easter weekend is published in this edition. The site is to be Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, to the west of Sydney. The cost of attending the event is $A30 (@ the door). No charge is made on overseas visitors attending the event.

"From the Baroness" also contains mention of two other awards to be instituted in Lochac: The Order of the Flower of Chivalry already extant elsewhere in the Known World to promote chivalry and courtesy among all who would aspire to be true lords and ladies of the current middle ages; and The Order of the Pilgrim, proposed by Brusi of Orkney, to acknowledge those who have "well begun their journey in the Dream". Both of these awards have fallen into disuse many long years past.. Runes No 9 (Vol. 2, no. 5) also contained the announcement of banns for the first Society wedding. Andfryd of Trondelag announced the betrothal of her daughter Marit the Wanderer to Raymond of Annan. The same issue had the first sketched feast scene on the cover. There are 8 persons illustrated, of these 6 are now Peers. They hold 8 peerages between them (4 Pelicans, 2 Laurels and 2 Knights).

1982: January

Lochac was proclaimed a Crown Principality of the West at Twelfth Night by King Thomas and Queen Trista. The seneschal is Rowan Perigrynne and Herald is Hrölf Herjölfssen. No other officers are rostered at that stage. As part of the same proclamation, Rowany was made a Barony and Aneala a Shire. This was also the time for the first Awards of Arms in Lochac. These went to Hrölf Herjölfssen, Hugh Louis de Lautrin (now Sir Hugh Louis), Blair du Bois, Reynardine of Tara, Anne de Heugutt and Eamon Diemne James Henessy. It also saw the first Members of the Order of the Rose Leaf: Selivia de L'Estoile and Cordwainer Christia Barrett.(N.B a previous historian has awarded Mistress Selivia a Rose Leaf at this event but in Runes #10 only Cordwainer Christia Barrett is published as being raised to the Order of the Rose Leaf).

The Seneschal of Aneala was one Reynardine of Tara, in the East of Lochac we did not know much about the other officers or even what went on in the Far and Distant West (see, some things never change). Of the Rowany officers, of the time, there has been much change as time has taken toll. Some have out-migrated (Madelaine and Hrölf) and new groups have captured others (Torg, Raymond and Marit). Of the rostered officers of that time, only Rowan remains in Rowany.

1982: April

RUNES #11 is published and the idea of incorporation of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Australia is first mooted. At Rowany Festival Awards of Arms were given to Thomas du Chat, Brusi of Orkney, Marit the Wanderer and Madelaine de Bourgogne. The first Rowany festival, to be called by that name, was held. Due to lack of insurance, the originally proposed site in Faulconbridge fell through and the event was held at Fairholme Park in Wilton and continued at that venue on the Easter Long Weekend until AS XXXI when it moved to the new site at Tara Guide Camp. It was attended by: the West Seneschal, Mistress Hilary of Serendip; Sciences Minister, Käthe Willig von Mainz; Sir William the Lucky and Lord Eric Edmondsen.


  1. A Timeline for Lochac, possibly written by Raymond of Anan (unconfirmed).
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