The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Aislinn de Valence

(Megan Dansie)


Elevated by Geoffrey of Griffinhold & Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina on the 1st April, AS XXIII

Aislinn was born in England of a French father and a Scots mother in the mid 16th Century. She has a tendence to come unstuck in time when a new style of garb interests her. Aislinn found herself in the Shire of Innilgard in March AS 17 and has been there ever since....
Aislinn is Founding Baroness Innilgard ..
She also served as Registrar for about 10 years and as Crux..
Aislinn is married to Master Tovye Woolongere. Their children are Lady Eleanor de Valence and Owen ap Tovye

Current Protégés:

Katerina da Brescia, William Forrester de Blacwoode

Past Protégés:

Carl the Hopeful

Current Interests:

Garb,textile crafts, cooking, theatre.Feasts. I'll get around to fencing real soon now.


Mistress Aislinn's device
Barry dancetty azure and argent, a mascle Or


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