The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Alaine Bartholomieu Lorenz

(Alan Greenway)


Elevated by Cybi & Victoria on the 30th March, AS XXXI

Current Protégés:

Pridory.. Wee Jamie.. Cale.. Cos.. Rob..

Past Protégés:

Mistress Bliss of Teine, Master Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce, Master Hanbal al Barbari

Current Interests:


Master Alaine's device
Sable, goutty d'eau, a Caucasian mermaid erect affronty proper, tailed Or, crined gules, holding in her dexter hand a goblet and in her sinister hand a candelabra Or, its candles argent, enflamed gules


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