The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Bartholomew Baskin


Master Bartholomew was elevated at Canterbury Faire by Berengar & Bethan, AS XLII.

I am an ambitious and conniv-, er, up-and-coming noble of dubious lineage in the court of Henry II Plantagenet of England, around 1155-65.
My career has been well documented in a series of stories and songs, though many people hold grave doubts as to their accuracy.

My chief skill lies in combat archery, though its practise has declined greatly since I took up sword and shield. My best loves are my lady, katherine kerr of the Hermitage, and all forms of entertainment. Among my children are Dickon and Pippin Baskin, and I also acknowledge Grace Kerr.

For our sins, katherine and I were appointed third Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, a role which we both enjoyed immensely, being very proud of our Barony, its talented and hard-working populace and wonderful events. Yet all good things must come to an end -- and we are very long-range planners -- so, even as I was elevated to this Order, we had already begun to contemplate Life after Hats.

My time as landed Baron came to a close in conjunction with an unexpected stint as acting SCANZ Treasurer, and the proposal and subsequent development of a new Registry, and also the creation of the new Masonry office and team. All this led almost seamlessly into a two year sentence as Kingdom Seneschal that ended at Festival A.S. 45.

That experience was as wearing as I expected, far more enjoyable and rewarding than I expected, and left me about as close to burnout as I had expected. Hence it has been followed by a period of almost
total withdrawal from SCA administration (especially mailing lists!) -- though not quite from events or from trying to help others. Which seems to be what I enjoy most these days.

Personal Mottos:

Never stop dreaming, because out of such fragile things come miracles -- anonymous

It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one's life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than "try to be a little kinder." -- Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

Current Protégés:

Past Protégés:

Aveline Goupil (relinquished the role on becoming Southron Gaard Seneschal)
Svartr Ormsson (Cluain/Ildhafn)(relinquished the role on his elevation to this Order).

Current Interests:

An ongoing interest in improving communications and administration across such a far-flung Kingdom. Also a strong desire to encourage into leadership roles the most inspiring, considerate, inclusive and thoughtful of its diverse populace, and to promote those qualities in as many gentles as possible.


Argent, a lion dormant, a chief rayonny gules, for augmentation the lion maintaining an escutcheon bendwise quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules four mullets of six points argent within a bordure gules.


Web Page: (a history and primer, of sorts, for Baronages)

Current Group:

Southron Gaard

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