The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Ciaran Faolchara

(Derek Binns)


Elevated by Uther and Osa on the 19th June, AS XXXIV, through the hands of Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan and Huraiwa acting for them in Ynys Fawr.

At William Marshall, Stormhold, AS XXXV

Ciaran travels in Britain but makes his home in both Wales and Ireland of the 9th century... .. Derek works in the Launceston City Library where he is surrounded by books that he doesn't have time to read. He is well travelled having evented in the Kindoms of Ealdormere, the Outlands, Ansteorra, Meridies, Calontir, the Midrealm, Caid, Atlantia and the central West... .. He next desire is to visit Sweden to go the Wisby Festival.

Current Protégés:

Lady Niamh O'Heyne

Past Protégés:

Current Interests:

Heavy fighting, court heraldry and chocolate.


Master Ciaran's device
Azure billety Or, a winged wolf segreant argent


Web Page:

Current Group:

Ynys Fawr


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