The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Everard de Brieuse

(Bruce Kerr)


Elevated by Stephen of Beckenham & Sophie on the 3rd June, AS XXIV

Master Everad was the first Baron of Riverhaven and served his group in this capacity for 8 years.

What be the measure of a great man?
(in memorium of Master Everad de Brieuse 24-01-2002)

What be the measure of a great man?.
Be it his strength at arms?.
With what ease he smites all before him?.
Be it his great skill at art?.
How deftly he creates beauty where none was?.
Be it how great his wealth?.
The size and wealth of his posessions?.
What be the measure of a great man?.

I say none of these!
Not strength of arms,
For what is this to streangth of heart?
To open your heart to give help where there is need.
Not great skill at art,
For what is this against great humbleness?
To work hard for a common goal and not want for thanks.
And surely not size of wealth,
For what is wealth of possesions compared to wealth of humility?.
To be worthy of great honour and reward,
but think yourself deserved of I say All of these.

My friend was such a great man.
Strong of Heart,
Great in his humbleness,
Rich in humility.
Goodbye dear friend,
And by the words of a bard,
May angels sing thee to thy rest,
And may all strive to be measured,
By such a great man.

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Master Everard's device
Sable, on a cross portate Or, an anchor bendwise sable, in dexter chief, a sun in splendor Or


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