The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Filippa Ginevra Francesca di Lucignano

(Philippa Venn-Brown)


Mistress Filippa was elevated at Rowany Festival XXXIII by Garick and Talitha.

FilippaGinevra seems to have been around forever. She was apprenticed to Llewen the Unruly for many years and is now one of Charles of the Park's Journeymen.....

She and her consort, Sir Sebastian of Ventbarre, are responsible for inflicting the Household of Ventbarre on the rest of Lochac, even the rest of the Known World (and we are secretly very proud of our children!) ...

When not in a kitchen somewhere, she can be found being historian of Lochac and Rowany, running Ventbarre, teaching collegia, putting a bandage on someone, or generally picking up the pieces. If she gets any time to herself after all of that she might be found smocking or embroidering somewhere....

A few years ago she travelled to Drachenwald and did some things for the Tate Gallery. If you would like to hear about her pilgrimmage to Canterbury and the tombs she saw there perhaps you would like to click on/go to the following address (if the link doesn't work): and see and hear her internet broadcast? It is called the Scholar's Tale. Follow the links to Phillippa Venn-Brown...

Current Protégés:

Eleanor Flambard Fitzwilliam of Winson

Past Protégés:

Mistress Genna ais an Froach, Master Giles Leabrook

Current Interests:

My current interest include medieval disease and medical practice, Death and rememberance in the middle ages, gardening, herbalism, cooking, theology, hagiography, music and decoration.......


Mistress FilippaGinevra's device
Argent, in pale two crosses crosslet gules between in fess two frets couped azure


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