The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Genna inghean Broanain ui Amoinn

(Heather L. Fritz-Hammond)


30 Jun 01... By Elfin and Signe in Drachenwald

Started in Stormhold moved to Drachenwald in 87 did services in several offices but mainly Clerk Signet until late 95 moved to Far West continued to hold offices, moved back to Drachenwald 98-01. Moved to Atlantia 01 coming home Jul/Aug 03. Have continued to encourage and foster the scribal arts and the making of hats.

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Current Interests:

Calligraphy... Millinery


Mistress Genna's device
Argent, a decrescent azure between in fess two heather branches leaved and flowered proper, all within a bordure invected azure


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