The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Gereint Scholar



Elevated by Jade of Starfall & Anastacia of Starfall on the 2nd April, AS XXII

12th Night XXIV

Gereint was a not-quite-founder of Innilgard, having joined the Society just a few weeks after that group's first event. His main interest was heraldry, serving as Innilgard's Frette Rouge Pursuivant from AS XX to XXII, and as Crux Australia Herald from XXII to XXV. He's particularly remembered for the strength of his Court Heraldry.

Gereint gained some notoriety for his scurrilous newspaper 'The Sun', with 23 editions published between AS XXII and XXVI. He was also one of three people who Queen Anastacia inducted into the Order of the Gingernut, and forced to wear a biscuit around their necks until 'it falls from its string'. With typical Taurean stubbornness, Gereint wore his for a year.

More mundanely, Gereint served as the SCA's Deputy Treasurer for. Australia from AS XX to XXII, before the Society was separately incorporated in this country.

Unfortunately mundane commitments made it difficult for Gereint to maintain his involvement in the Society after AS XXV, and he. ceased being active in XXVII. He now lives in Sydney, working freelance on corporate media and information security projects..

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Master Gereint's device
Per saltire argent and sable, a saltire counterchanged between in cross four ermine spots counterchanged gules and argent


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In Politarchopolis XXIV (?)


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