The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Gwir verch Madog

(Sue Barzda-Ryan)


Gwir verch Madog is a 13th century Welsh woman who runs a small manor.  Gwir's favourite activities are cooking, embroidery and looking after her soon to be warrior son, Peregrin ap Gwynfor.  Gwir is currently Kingdom Arts and Sciences Officer for Lochac (warrant expires in April 2011), is a  master of the Cook's Guild and member of Broiderer's Guild.

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Cooking (recipes in particular:  early English - Anglo-Saxon, Forme of Cury, early French Taillevent, Le  Menagier, German - Sabrinia Welserin, Polish, and Scappi), sotelties, campfire cooking, growing herbs, embroidery, and occasionally getting into armour.


Azure, in chief, in fess, 3 rustres Or


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Krae Glas

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