The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Hanbal al Barbari (formerly known as Hanbal Reis al Barbari)

(Simon Hoad)


Hanbal was born around 1350AD, on the steppes of Mongolia, where he was raised until about the age of 7 (historians are never agreed on his age), when he was captured in a raid by Arabic slavers. He spent the next 10 years of his life working as a slave, first on the slave galleys, but eventually he was put to work on the lands of a wealthy Corsair, on the north coast of Africa, in the lands known as Barbari (Barbary).

Here he befriended his owner, who came to like the young Mongolian slave, and took him to sea with him, as his personal slave. The ship was set upon by Spanish Man-o-Wars. The Spanish freed him, and were on their way home to Spain, which was to be his new home, when the Man-o-War was ambushed by Barbary Corsairs, out for revenge.  In the midst of the fighting, Hanbal saved the life of his old Master (who had survived the original attack), and upon their return to Barbary, he was freed,  taken in by his former Master, and trained in the ways of a Corsair.

Many years later we now find him, having recently passed on his captaincy of the ship, to take on the role of Baron in his local group, Stormhold.

He was until recently found to be one of the leaders amongst the Corsairs, respected by his allies, and feared by his enemy.

His ship, the Flying Ypotryll plies all manner of seas, where it suits the ship, her crew and the perilous winds to venture.. the Barbary coast is a favourite destination of the crew, as are the seas off the bonny isle of Scotland, and the ship has also been known to make the occasional plunderous voyage to the land of the vikings, as well as visiting the lands of his birth, far off Mongolia....

Having divested his command to others, he has returned to his roots, and is now following his Mongol heritage.
The Western world may have some cause for concern...

Simon is spoken of rarely, as this is simply the face that schleps to work & earns money during the downtimes whilst Hanbal rests between SCA events.  SImon is a active member of the CFA (Sunbury, Victoria), Enjoy LARP (with the Philosophers Guild) as well hockey (field), reading & role-playing.

Elevated by King Theuderic and Queen Engelin July 3rd, AS XXXXIV


Carpe Praedum

Current Protégés:

Lady Der-Draigen Rhuadd (Nemain), Lady Elizabet de Hunter

Past Protégés:


Current Interests:

Fighting (with pole-arms), pewter casting, Fighting (war), having a good time, learning to be Baron, teaching war fighting...




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